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Shenzhen polytechnic Cultural & Creative Products Institute
Left side on the 4 floor, Academic Exchange Center, Xili Lake Campus. Shenzhen Polytechnic. 4089. Shahe west road. Nanshan District. Shenzhen. Guangdong. China

" Shenzhen polytechnic Cultural & Creative Products Institute " is a specialized institution for research and design of cultural and creative products. It has established itself as the design capital of Shenzhen, uniting government, college,business, and enterprise resources in order to achieve design result transformations, servicing flourishing cultural and creative industries. We strive to create a cultural and creative product research institution with high cultural vision, open collaboration, for mutual benefit and sharing, through the development of an on-campus team, and technical experts of enterprises off-campus, as well as integrating other relevant professional resources of well-known institutions. Using this platform, teachers and students, cultural and creative enterprises, and design institutions can equally participate in the research, development, and innovation of design projects and creative products. Through this research institute, we will be able to quickly understand the cutting-edge design information, expand the professional perspectives of instructor and student groups, as well as enrich and enhance the level of cultural and creative product development. Thus, letting the creative design extend past the product, more importantly however, it will allow for everyone’s contributions to aid in the creation of products, as well as entering markets, and aspects of everyday life, in addiction to services to society. This allows school-enterprise cooperation advocated by vocational education to really take root, project practice results will become the most direct and impressive examples of Shenzhen design education demonstrated with academic value and practical significance. At the same time, while building the background for the future of design in Shenzhen, it also provides a unique method of developing design education in Shenzhen.

" Shenzhen polytechnic Cultural & Creative Products Institute " mainly operates in the mode of institutions and centers, currently possesses 13 institutes, namely: Traditional Culture Regeneration and Dissemination. Animation & Visual Photography Technology. Paper Art& Digital Technology. Product Innovation & Design. Ceramic Technology. Smart Wearable & IOT. Exhibition and Experience Design. Visual Communication & Branding Strategy Design. Contemporary Handcraft. Creative Design & Packaging. Film and Animation. Innovation for Digitizing Cultural Site. Printing and Packaging Standardization Technology Application R&D. Each department for cultural and creative design is composed of a team of on-campus teachers and off-campus professionals from cultural and creative enterprises. These departments will in essence account for most of the cultural and creative industries in Shenzhen, and fully reflect strong bonds between the “Shenzhen polytechnic Cultural & Creative Products Institute” design teams and local creative industries.

“Shenzhen polytechnic Cultural & Creative Products Institute” simplified to “SZPTCC”. We look forward to future joint efforts of all involved, we look forward to building a convergence of cultural and creative design inside and outside of Shenzhen polytechnic high-quality resources cooperation. In the design capital of Shenzhen, including national design institutions across the country all have significant influence of cultural and creative products, academic research, cultural and innovative product research and development and market transformation in high-end research institutions.


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