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About the Journal

Vocation, Technology & Education (VTE, ISSN 3005-2157) is an international, open-access academic quarterly journal sponsored by Shenzhen Polytechnic University and published exclusively in English.VTE ensures unbiased evaluations, upholding the utmost academic integrity by adopting a rigorous anonymous peer-review process. The journal is committed to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive academic community that embraces diversity of thought and values innovative ideas.

The cultivation of technically skilled personnel is a core issue in our modern society. The realm of vocational education and the cultivation of applied talents extend beyond the confines of education, intersecting with technological innovation, career development, and economic and industrial development dynamics. The journal concentrates on vocational and technical education across various levels, delving into the intricate relationship between modern occupations and technology and their impact on educational systems, conception, and innovation. The journal maintains a balanced focus on both practical issues and theoretical innovation. We aim to address the evolution of education, technology, and vocation, focusing on China and the broader global context. We delve into the intricate relationships between education, technological advancement, industry, and vocation, providing a comprehensive perspective on these interconnected domains on a global scale.

Specifically, the journal delves into:

·The cultivation and training of technical and applied talents, specifically involving training systems, pedagogical models, curricula, and the foundational philosophies underpinning them.

·Technology and skills, technological innovation, and technological innovation environment.

·Technology and vocation, specifically addressing vocational skills, knowledge bases, qualification prerequisites, and training.

Aims of the Journal

The journal Vocation, Technology & Education is anchored in the fundamental elements of education, technology, and vocation, and their intricate interplay. We engage with theoretical and empirical research across diverse fields such as applied higher education, vocational education, continuing education, sociology of occupation, technology research, the history of science and technology, and technology policy. We also explore the application of emerging technologies, including digital technologies, and their impact on skill structures and formation, particularly within burgeoning occupational groups.

The journal encourages interdisciplinary research to bridge the realms of vocational education with disciplines like economics and technology. The journal publishes and disseminates innovative strategies and best practices in global vocational education to further elevate educational standards worldwide and provides a premier academic platform for international vocational education researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Drawing upon these cutting-edge insights and practical achievements, we aspire to advance continuous innovation and progress in global vocational education collaboratively.


The journal is keenly interested in academic fields such as application-oriented higher education, vocational education, sociology of occupation, technology research, history of science and technology, and science and technology policy. We aspire to offer in-depth and comprehensive theoretical references to nurture technically skilled talents via research in these academic fields:

·Global trends and practices in vocational education

·Approach to cultivating application-oriented, high-quality talents

·Innovation and best practices in vocational education

·The integration of technological innovation and education

·The impact of science and technology policies on education

Types of Manuscripts

Original Articles, Review Articles, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, Editorial, Theoretical Research, Empirical Research, Case Studies, etc.

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