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Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) is one of the earliest independent higher vocational and technical education institutions in China. SZPT has six campuses, including Liuxiandong, Xilihu, Guanlongshan, Huaqiaocheng, Fenghuangshan and Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone. SZPT covers an area of about 3 million square meters, with an average area of 125.67 square meters per student; it has a total construction area of 791,800 square meters, with an average school building area of 33.10 square meters per student; SZPT now has 101 theory-practice integrated teaching sites, 8 internal production (operation) training bases, and 550 stable off-campus post-internship bases. At present, SZPT has 20 secondary schools, 83 majors, 14 major clusters, and 33,383 full-time students. As of 2021, SZPT had cultivated more than 126,000 full-time graduates and maintained an initial employment rate of above 96%. Moreover, SZPT excels in talent cultivation mirrored by its top rankings of several talent cultivation indicators among higher vocational colleges across the country and praise from employers.

  • 300+
    SZPT covers an area of about 3 million square meters
  • 101
    SZPT now has 101 theory-practice integrated teaching sites
  • 20
    SZPT has 20 secondary schools
  • 33,383
    and 33,383 full-time students

SZPT has 1,463 full-time teachers, 49.76% of whom hold senior professional titles, including 172 senior-titled teachers; 26% of whom have participated in training classes abroad for more than half a year. SZPT boasts 415 high-level talent at all levels, including one famous teacher of the national "Ten Thousand People Plan", three national-level famous teachers, three experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, four national-level teaching teams, one national technician, five Pearl River Scholars, four famous teachers listed in Guangdong's special support program for high-level talent, 10 provincial-level famous teachers, six provincial-level technicians, and 11 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, and has flexibly introduced one Nobel Prize team, and three Changjiang Scholars and teams of Outstanding Young Persons. SZPT has the First Group of Huang Danian-Style Teacher Team approved by the Ministry of Education; introduced a group of significant teams such as the Hoffman Prize team from the United States, established Hoffman Institute of Advanced Materials, Research Institute of Intelligence Science and Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, and built China Institute of New Era TVET Research, Research Institute of Economic and Social Development and other high-end platforms, providing strong support for the development of industries in the Pearl River Delta region.

At SZPT, each academic year consists of two semesters, the spring semester and the fall semester, while a new academic year begins with the fall semester. The fall semester usually lasts from September to January, while the spring semester lasts from February to June. Between the two semesters are summer and winter vacations. Usually, there is a two-month summer vacation and a four-week winter vacation (depending on the date of the Spring Festival); each semester begins at an unfixed time. Please refer to the latest school calendar for details.

International students can apply to SZPT for one of the following programs:

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens aged 18 and above who are in good health, hold valid passports, and abide by Chinese laws and SZPT's regulations. They should also respect Chinese social customs.

Diploma Programs:

Students need to complete required courses and get required credits within three to five years. According to the regulations of SZPT's Academic Affairs Division, qualified graduates will get diplomas. For detailed requirements of the Diploma Program, please visit the official website for the Diploma Programs.

Student Exchange Programs:

It consists of long- and short-term programs. Long-term exchange programs last three months or more, while short-term exchange programs are within three months. Long-term exchange programs focus on in-class study, while short-term programs provide international students with various exchange activities at SZPT, including but not limited to international competitions, international summer camps, cultural exchange activities, and professional training.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular short-term Student Exchange Programs were suspended. However, SZPT actively innovated exchange ways and opened online international summer camps for students, and provided online international lectures.

For detailed information, please visit the official website for the Exchange program,For more information, please contact +86-755-26019693.

Chinese Language Courses:

SZPT started to offer Chinese language courses to international students in 2004. It was qualified as an online test center for the Chinese Proficiency Test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, HSK) in 2012. International students who plan to study Chinese at SZPT do not need to hold a Chinese proficiency certificate. For course introduction, rates, visa processing, and application process, please visit the official website for Chinese Language Courses.


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