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R&D Center for the Application of Modern Printing and Packaging Standardization Technology
412,Exchange Center,Xilihu Campus,Shenzhen Polytechnic,Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,Guangdong

Located in Xilihu Campus, the R&D Center for the Application of Modern Printing and Packaging Standardization Technology is a key public technical service platform established by Shenzhen Polytechnic. It is a major platform project for Shenzhen's cultural and creative industries approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality. The Center is the director unit of Guangdong Technical Committee on Printing Standardization approved by Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and consists of two secretaries of Subcommittee 1 on Book Printing (SAC/TC170/SC1) and Subcommittee 3 on Package Printing (SAC/TC170/SC3) of National Technical Committee 170 on Printing of Standardization Administration of China. The Collaborative Innovation Center of Modern Printing Media and Standardization Technology built under the Center is one of the first collaborative innovation centers established by Shenzhen Polytechnic. It has been recognized as a provincial collaborative innovation center of applied technology and a national collaborative innovation center of the Ministry of Education.

The Center has developed into a public technical service platform integrating technology R&D, standard development, standardized services, training, and certification. The R&D service team has 14 core members, including two full-time and seven part-time members, as well as five part-time key technical talents from off-campus enterprises.Two professors, two doctors, seven associate professors/senior engineers, one senior technician, and four engineers work at the Center. In recent years, the team has developed systematic diagrams for international printing standardization, national book printing standardization, national packaging printing standardization, and Shenzhen high-end printing standardization. It has led the development of 32 national and industry standards and participated in the development of more than 70 international, national, and industry standards. It has presided over seven provincial projects, more than ten municipal, district, and university-level projects, and more than 60 horizontal R&D projects under university-enterprise cooperation. It has obtained five invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents. The Center has also launched general courses such as "Standardization and Life" and "Standardization and Innovation". As one of the first higher education institutions in China to carry out professional and standardized personnel training, it offers more than 30 innovative courses based on R&D projects. Besides, it has provided services of standard implementation, training, consulting, and technical guidance to more than 300 Chinese enterprises in the industries of printing, packaging, design, and culture.The Center has played an important role in promoting the implementation of the standardization strategy of printing, packaging, and related industries, especially in the transformation and high-quality development of printing and packaging enterprises in Shenzhen, becoming a significant player in these industries.


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