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Introduction of New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Center


 1. Importance and Advanced Nature of the Establishment of New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Center

Major auto manufacturers worldwide have taken the production of new energy vehicles as an important strategy and have continuously stepped up their strategic planning and investment in this field. By 2025, the planned sales volume of major auto manufacturers worldwide in the field of new energy vehicles will reach 5.7-8.2 million in total. Moreover, China is ahead of Europe and the United States in terms of the capital input and market size of new energy vehicles. The development of the new energy vehicle industry will provide a major opportunity for China to overtake other countries in the automobile industry.The School of Automotive & Transportation Engineering, Shenzhen Polytechnic University has established in-depth cooperation with public institutions and state-owned testing institutions such as China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection and CCIC Southern Electronic Product Testing Co., Ltd. (CCIC-SET) to construct the New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Center.Relying on the complementary collaboration and strong alliance between Shenzhen Polytechnic University and enterprises and public institutions such as CQC, Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection and CCIC-SET, the Center strives to make joint technical breakthroughs, offer social and public services, and carry out talent training and curriculum development based on technologies such as new energy vehicle electronic product testing technology.The New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Centerlays equal emphasis on technical application development and social public technology services, undertakes the technical service requirements of automotive electronics enterprises in Shenzhen, and joins hands with enterprises to apply for government-sponsored research projects so as to build itself into a leading domestic and world-class new energy vehicle electronic product testing technology research and service platform.

2. Foundation for Platform Establishment

At present, the team consists of 12 full-time teachers, including three professors, four doctors, three overseas returnees, 10 middle-age and young backbone teachers, and double-position teachers account for more than 90% of all the full-time teachers. The team members have high academic professionalism as well as reasonable age and knowledge structure.Professor Li Zhengguo, director of the platform, is a leading talent of higher vocational education in Guangdong Province in the field of new energy vehicle technology and a specially appointed professor of Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholars Program. He has presided over 10-plus provincial and municipal scientific research projects and published more than 20 papers.Over the past five years, the core team has successfully undertaken 23 scientific research and teaching research projects, and scientific researchers have published 15 papers. The teamhas successfully applied for the laboratory accreditation certificate of "China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)"based on Shenzhen Automotive Electronic Product Qualification and Testing Public Service Platform (formerly Science, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Commission of Shenzhen Municipality) and has served a total of more than 100 external enterprises. The team has the basic capabilities of providing external services for new energy vehicle electronic product testing and undertaking major scientific research projects in key technology fields regarding both software and hardware development. In later stages, during the establishment of New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Center, the team will continue to improve the development of technical service capabilities and join hands with domestic research institutes and leading enterprises in the industry to cultivate high-level skilled talent and jointly make scientific and technological breakthroughs.

3. Technical Service Plans, Market Development Plans, Ideas, Measures and Objectives to Be Implemented in the Next Five Years

4. Organizational Structure of New Energy Vehicle Electronic Product Testing Center


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