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New Era China Vocational Education Research Center of Shenzhen Polytechnic

The New Era China Vocational Education Research Center of Shenzhen Polytechnic, the Key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shenzhen (2020-2022),whichwas awarded in October 2019 and listed in December 2019. There are 16 full-time staff in the research team, among which 8 are professors, 2 are economics majors, and 3 are overseas returnees.There are 5 part-time researchers, including 3 distinguished experts, all of whom are famous scholars in the fields of vocational education, comparative education and education history. At present, the research center has established a website and management system, and established an academic committee composed of famous experts in China. It has three main directions: first, theoretical innovation and practical research of vocational education; Second, the tracking research of school-enterprise cooperation in vocational education; Third, the study on specialty construction, curriculum model and teaching reform of vocational colleges in digital economy era.


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