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School of Economics


F4, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Xili Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Brief Introduction:

The School of Economics is staffed by 89 faculty members, including seven professors, 30 associate professors, and 33 teachers hold doctoral degrees. Among its teachers are one provincial famous teacher, two teachers from the provincial talent training program of the "Thousand-Hundred-Ten Project", two provincial higher vocational education leaders and two teachers from Shenzhen Polytechnic's "Thousand-Hundred-Ten Project."

Currently, the School offers various majors, including Big Data and Accounting (a provincial key major, provincial demonstration major and provincial second-class brand major), Fintech Application (a provincial key major), Financial Services and Management (China-Australia cooperation), Legal Affairs (a key major of Shenzhen Polytechnic), and Community Management and Services (a provincial first-class high-level construction major), with more than 2,300 full-time students. The School has cooperated with the Federation University, Australia to establish the major of Financial Services and Management (China-Australia Cooperation). The program currently has more than 150 students, out of which 60% go abroad to pursue further studies.

In recent years, the School has accomplished many academic achievements, which is mainly reflected in the following areas:

In terms of teaching and research, the School of Economics has one national and three provincial high-quality courses; in 2021, it has set up projects to open 17 first-class courses, including one national first-class course; from 2019 to 2021, it carried out 28 provincial quality projects. Complete curriculum standards, which are constantly improved, have been formulated for all the five majors of the school, and the proportion of practical teaching hours is between 50% and 61%, showing Shenzhen Polytechnic's experience in practical teaching. In the past five years, the faculty members of the school have published more than 30 books and textbooks.

In terms of scientific research, the faculty members have published more than 260 academic papers and undertaken more than 160 horizontal and vertical scientific research projects at the national, provincial (ministerial) and municipal (departmental) levels, including one national social science fund project, 13 provincial and 15 municipal research projects.

Looking at student skills competitions over the past five years, the school has won prizes in 39 national, 35 provincial and 14 municipal competitions, including the national first prize in the 2021 National Vocational Students Skills Competition (Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

The school has worked with Ping An Technology and Ping An Bank to jointly establish the "Fintech Institute", to carry out personnel training, technology R&D, innovation incubation, etc. Another result of this in-depth cooperation is the establishment of a "Shenzhen model" for training front-line skilled technical personnel in fintech. The School has also cooperated with the Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality to establish a "legal support personnel training base" and a "mediation research and mediator training base", which are designed to cultivate complex and innovative highly skilled judicial assistants. Through these efforts, the School is dedicated to promoting the diversified, professional and vocational development of mediation teams at all levels of judicial administration departments.

Demonstration of Elderly Care by Students in Social Management

Opening Ceremony of the Court Stenography Summer Training Camp

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of the 2020-2021 Guangdong Vocational College Students' Professional Skills Competition

Representatives of Freshmen in International Finance Presenting a School Uniform with Signatures to the President of Federation University Australia



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