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Publication of Inaugural Issue of "Vocation, Technology & Education (English)" International Journal

Date: Apr 8, 2024

The journal cover.

The journal's official website homepage.

Recently, the inaugural issue of "Vocation, Technology & Education (English)" (VTE) (ISSN 3005-2157) was officially published. Sponsored by our university, the journal is published online by the Scholar Media Publishing Company (SMP), an international publishing company based in Hong Kong.

The journal, a quarterly publication entirely in English, is the first international journal in the field of vocational education in China. Professor Xu Jianling, President of our university, and Professor Chen Hongjie from the School of Education at Peking University serve as co-editors-in-chief. The editorial board consists of members from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, Finland, Turkey, and other countries. The aim of the journal is to explore the core issues of modern society related to the training of technical and skilled talents, covering areas such as applied higher education, vocational education, and continuing education. It focuses on the impact of emerging technologies on the structure of vocational skills and the formation of new professional groups, promoting the intersection and integration of vocational education with the economy, technology, and other fields.

According to the organizers, "Vocation, Technology & Education (English)" adopts a rigorous peer-review system to ensure the fairness of academic evaluation and uphold academic integrity. The inaugural issue for the first quarter of 2024 ( features 10 academic papers, including original research articles, review papers, and opinion pieces, focusing on various levels of vocational and technical education and training. It examines the relationship between modern occupations and technologies and their impact on educational systems, educational concepts, and educational innovation. The journal advocates diversity of thought, values innovative ideas, and emphasizes both practical research and theoretical innovation. It addresses the development of education and technology in China and other countries, as well as global progress in education and technology, industry, and occupations, aiming to build a vibrant and inclusive academic community.

(Institute of Vocational Education, Cai Min)


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