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Successful Conclusion of the 2024 Exchange Program between Shenzhen Polytechnic University and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore

Date: Apr 2, 2024

From March 17th to 30th, 47 faculty and students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, participated in a two-week overseas immersion exchange program at our university. Twenty-three students from our School of Business Foreign Languages Volunteer Association also joined the program.

On March 18th, the opening ceremony of the exchange program was held, attended by Wang Bingfeng, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, who warmly welcomed the students and faculty from Singapore. He introduced Shenzhen and our university to the guests, expressing hopes for mutual exchange, broadening of horizons, and shared growth between the young generations of both institutions. Subsequently, Professor Zhou Weigui from the School of Information and Communication Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic expressed gratitude for the thoughtful arrangements by our university and emphasized the importance of deepening mutual understanding and friendship through such activities.

The closing ceremony took place on March 29th at the Mingde Building conference room. An exciting video recap brought back memories of the unforgettable journey. Student representatives shared their insights and gains, expressing that the program was a cultural exploration filled with discovery. They not only appreciated the profoundness of Chinese culture but also experienced the forefront of technological development in Shenzhen.

Over the two-week period, students and faculty from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, and our university shared a rich and diverse learning journey. They strolled through our beautiful campus, engaged in discussions, attended lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship, and explored the strength of Shenzhen's demonstration zone. They visited landmarks such as Qianhai Exhibition Hall and Qianhai Youth Dream Factory, experiencing the city's innovative pulse. They also explored Lianhua Mountain Park, witnessing the harmonious coexistence of nature and culture. Additionally, they visited tech giants like Tencent and UBTECH, experiencing the forefront of technology. Exploring historical sites like Dapeng Ancient City, Nantou Ancient City, and Dankeng Ancient Town, they felt the unique charm of Shenzhen's blend of ancient and modern. They also participated in a series of activities organized by our faculty, including lectures on Chinese culture, kung fu experiences, and intangible cultural heritage workshops. Singaporean participants expressed their fondness for Shenzhen's international atmosphere and convenient lifestyle, expressing hopes for future opportunities to study and exchange at Shenzhen Polytechnic University.

The successful organization of the program deepened the exchange and friendship between our students and the young students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, and provided a platform for ongoing interaction between the faculties and students of both institutions. As they bid farewell, many students shed tears of reluctance. They expressed their determination to return to this vibrant land in the future to continue exploring, learning, and exchanging experiences. (International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Xia Jingyi)


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