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School Leaders Conduct Research Visit to Chuangzhi Yuncheng Industrial Park

Date: Mar 29, 2024

To comprehensively deepen school-enterprise cooperation and integration of production and education, and to expand closer connections with industrial parks, on the morning of March 28th, Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the School Party Committee, led a delegation to conduct on-site research at the strategic emerging industry headquarters base, Chuangzhi Yuncheng Industrial Park, located in Liuxiandong. They participated in a school-enterprise cooperation exchange meeting. The operational management team of the industrial park, represented by Yuan Gang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Special Zone Jianfa Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the delegation and accompanied them throughout the visit.

The exchange meeting took place in the conference room on the 4th floor of Building A1 in Chuangzhi Yuncheng.

During the symposium, Yuan Gang introduced the operational situation, development plans, strategic layout, achievements in school-enterprise cooperation, and future cooperation prospects of Special Zone Jianfa Company and Chuangzhi Yuncheng Park. He expressed expectations for deeper cooperation and integration between the two parties in technological collaboration, talent cultivation, and other areas. Ruan Yihua, Director of the Research Office of the university, delivered a thematic report covering research platforms, talent teams, integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation.

In his concluding remarks, Yang Xinbin emphasized that our university has already had extensive and in-depth cooperation with Special Zone Jianfa Science and Technology Park, having signed cooperation agreements in areas such as characteristic vocational education parks, industry-university-research cooperation, and internship training base construction, resulting in fruitful and innovative cooperation. He elaborated on Deep Polytechnic University's advantages in location, campus facilities, research equipment, and talent resources in three aspects: "What can we do for park enterprises", "What do park enterprises need us to do", and "What can we do together in the future". He stressed the need to strengthen communication and contact with park companies, enhance supply-demand matching, expand cooperation areas, achieve deep integration of production and education, and jointly promote the high-quality development of both the school and the park in the future.

Prior to the meeting, the delegation visited leading benchmark enterprises in the park, including Kaadas Smart Lock, Markerfire Technology and Inno Laser.

(Research Office, Huang Shiping, Xue Yuanfei / Text, Sun Bin / Photos)


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