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“SZPU Dabai” Appeared! 1,182 SZPU Volunteers for Shenzhen Marathon

Date: Dec 4, 2023

On December 3, the 2023 Shenzhen Marathon kicked off. A total of 1,182 Shenzhen volunteers appeared as “Dabai” to provide volunteer services in important posts such as starting order, main venue guidance, recording, track supply, timing video, and publicity live broadcast to support the 2023 Shenzhen Marathon. It has been the eighth year that SZPU volunteers serve the Shenzhen Marathon, showing the good spirit of SZPU students in contributing their youth to the marathon and the construction of “A City of Volunteers”.

The SZPU volunteers were holding the starting line

“SZPU Dabai” worked hard to support the ShenzhenMarathon

The 2023 Shenzhen Marathon started at 7:30 am on time, and a total of 1,182 volunteers and 18 teachers from SZPU came to their positions at 5 am for preparations. In order for everyone to start work on time,at the previous night, 39 volunteers distributed meals and materials overnight, and cooperated with the organizing committee staff in arranging 28 pick-up vehicles and personnel coordination. At 4:00 am, the SZPU volunteers dressed in uniform white volunteer clothing, lined up for boarding, and set off on time.

40 volunteers from the School of Communication participated in the publicity live broadcast newly added this year

The volunteers were doing the wiring for the timing of the event

The SZPU volunteer was writing down a deposit code for the player

After taking up their posts, the “SZPU Dabai” showed a good volunteer style in terms of spirit, service level and comprehensive quality. This year, 40 volunteers from the School of Communication participated in the newly added publicity live broadcast, of which 16 students cooperated with the CCTV team to participate in the live broadcast at the starting and ending points, and won unanimous praise from the director team. “As a team leader of live broadcast volunteers, I led my team members to follow the guidance of CCTV teachers and fully cooperate with them; assist the mobile camera station to obtain the best location for live broadcast; help photography teachers move out the flagpole that blocks the picture and get the best live picture... All the photography work was ready for the CCTV teachers to show their skills. On the side, we were unconsciously taken into the competition.” Weng Guohui, a leader of publicity and live broadcast volunteers, said excitedly, “I am proud to be able to contribute to this event, which is related to the honor of our city!”

“So excited, I am the starting point volunteer, the first time so close to the atmosphere of the marathon. At the moment the starting gun sounded, my heart nearly reached the throat!” Zhang Luohua from the School of Undergraduate Education, one of the first undergraduates of SZPU, said, “During my study at SZPU, participating in the volunteer service for such a grand event is a valuable wealth in my life.” The volunteers expressed their pride and honor in serving the Shenzhen Marathon.

The SZPU volunteers were cheering for the players

The SZPU volunteers were preparing supplies

The SZPU volunteers were preparing sponges

Strengthen training to build a professional volunteer service team

To successfully complete the volunteer service work, SZPU started the publicity and mobilization in early November, attracting more than 5,000 volunteers to sign up. After the interview and selection, 1,182 outstanding volunteers were selected to participate in the event. In the allocation of posts, volunteers were assigned to various service posts according to the post needs and the characteristics of students’ majors, so that the students could combine their own majors to improve the service quality.

To improve the level of professional services, we held four training conferences in the early stage, and specially invited the staff of the organizing committee to give training and lectures. Through a series of layer-by-layer and classified training activities, the teachers and students were enabled to have a deeper understanding of the overall situation of the marathon, and became familiar with the civilized etiquette and medical aid that should be paid attention to in the process of volunteer services. The Youth League Committee of SZPU formulated the Work Plan for 2023 Shenzhen Marathon Volunteer Recruitment, Marathon Volunteer Service Specifications, Boarding and Meal Schedule, Boarding Diagram, 2023 Shenzhen Marathon Volunteer Work Progress Table, General Knowledge Manual for Marathon Volunteers and other materials for volunteers to participation in volunteer services in a standard manner.

The SZPU volunteers were cleaning the site

The SZPU volunteers were doing traffic guidance

The player was giving the thumb up to the volunteers

Return to the original aspiration, with the “school of volunteers” setting sail again

All the volunteers who participated in this event

Since the inception of 2013 Shenzhen Marathon, SZPU has undertaken the voluntary service work for 7 consecutive years. This year, SZPU students returned to the competition again. After 12 years of the construction of the “school of volunteers”, we have established a “1+3+10” volunteer service model. With Party building as the guide, “Party building + league building + profession” as the starting point, and the “Shi Hua mechanism” as the path, the university has led the volunteer work on the track of scale, normalization and specialization, with a registered volunteer rate of 98%, forming a good atmosphere that everyone competes for providing volunteer services, and encouraging more SZPU students to integrate themselves into the urban civilization construction.

(Text/Huang Lulu, Youth League Committee; Image/Teacher in Each Team)


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