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Academician Gehan Amaratunga Give a Special Lecture on “Academician Forum” at SZPU

Date: Nov 24, 2023

In the afternoon of November 22, the third lecture of “Academician Forum” of SZPU was held in Rixin Building of Xili Lake Campus. The guest speaker was Gehan Amaratunga, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering. SZPU President Xu Jianling attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by the Office of Scientific Research and organized by the Institute of IC Materials and the School of Integrated Circuits.

Xu Jianling introduced Academician Gehan’s academic background and the Gehan Academician workstation set up in the university this year. He reviewed the course of building IC related majors in the university, summarized the awards and employment of students from IC majors in recent years, especially the employment of the graduates of the first “Strong Chip Class” of IC manufacturing, and the latest progress in material research and development of the Institute of IC Materials.

Academician Gehan delivered a report on the theme of “Electronics Devices Based on Quantum Properties” for the teachers and students of our university. Academician Gehan is an internationally renowned top scholar in electronic information technology and electronic materials. His current research direction is mainly focused on electronic devices based on quantum technology. In his presentation, Gehan first laid the foundation of the basic theory for the audience, and then combined with specific examples of materials and devices, he introduced the realization of quantum computing and future development directions in detail. The teachers and students had full and warm interactions with Academician Gehan in the question-and-answer session. For the questions raised by the audience about the cost of quantum computing, the data storage method of quantum computing, whether Moore’s Law has reached its limit, the solution of domestic lithography machine technology, and the IC talent training ideas, Academician Gehan answeredthemone by one. He encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and work hard to realize them.

According to reports, the “Academician Forum” aims to promote academic exchanges, activate the academic atmosphere, and continuously enhance the academic influence of the university. The event provides opportunities for teachers and students to get in touch with the world’s top scholars and cutting-edge technologies, greatly stimulating the students’ desire for knowledge and interest in exploring cutting-edge science and technology.

(Chen Haibiao, Institute of IC Materials)


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