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SZPU Officially Joined the “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance of Guangdong Province as an Executive Council Member

Date: Nov 17, 2023

SZPU officially joined the “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance of Guangdong Province as an executive council member

On November 17, the 2023 annual activity of the “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance of Guangdong Province was held in Foshan. Zhu Chaohua, First-Level Inspector of Department of Education of Guangdong Province, Li Jinjun, Director of Exchange and Cooperation Office, and other related persons attended the meeting. SZPU Vice President Li Yue participated in the activity and attended the awarding ceremony. SZPU officially joined the Alliance as an executive council member.

Founded in 2017, the “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance of Guangdong Province (“the Alliance”) has a total of 105 members as of October 2023, including vocational colleges, industry enterprises and overseas institutions in Guangdong Province, who have achieved fruitful results in the internationalization of vocational education, with a wealth of achievements in Sino-foreign cooperation in education, overseas education, and international vocational education cooperation programs. In the future, the Alliance will continue to explore international vocational education brands with Guangdong characteristics, strengthen international cooperation, build international benchmarking schools, standards, resources and equipment, and explore in-depth cooperation mechanisms among members. The Alliance began to hold annual activities in 2018, and has held 6 sessions by 2023, during which our university was invited to participate in the relevant annual activities of the Alliance many times. In 2022, at the invitation of Guangdong Industry Polytechnic as the lead member, our university joined the Alliance, and accepted the award at this year’s annual activity, officially becoming an executive council member of the Alliance.

Over the years, in carrying out foreign exchanges and cooperation, SZPU has taken the initiative to serve the national strategy, actively deepened vocational education cooperation and exchanges with the “Belt and Road” countries, and achieved fruitful results in promoting the “joint construction, consultation and sharing” of vocational education. At present, the university has carried out exchanges and cooperation with 57 “Belt and Road” countries, and conducted vocational education leadership training and skills training for overseas personnel, covering more than 50 “Belt and Road” countries. The university has also built a number of “Belt and Road” international exchange platforms for vocational education. Since 2018, SZPU has hosted the “Belt and Road” international seminar on vocational education, which has been held for four consecutive sessions by 2022, with a total of more than 1,600 experts and scholars from over 40 countries attending to discuss the “Belt and Road” vocational education cooperation and development.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative this year, after officially joining the “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance of Guangdong Province, the university will make full use of its own resources and advantages to continue to deepen the “Belt and Road” vocational education exchange and cooperation, perform well in “going global” and “bringing in”, jointly promote the “Belt and Road” education cooperation and development with other members of the Alliance, build the unique brand of vocational education in Guangdong Province, and help build the “Belt and Road” vocational education community. (Zheng Zhili, International Office)


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