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SZPU Leader Chaired a Symposium with Cote d’Ivoire Students

Date: Oct 25, 2023

The symposium was held in Mingde Building

On October 25, in order to know more about the study and life of Cote d’Ivoire students and jointly promote the high-quality development of education for international students under the background of the “Future Africa - China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training Program”, SZPU Vice President Li Yue chaired a symposium with Cote d’Ivoire students in Mingde Building. Wang Bingfeng, Director of International Office, Yu Qiliang, Deputy Dean of School of Construction Engineering, Chen Shaoming, Director of Construction Engineering Management, and other related teachers attended the symposium.

At the symposium, the international students spoke actively. The monitor Sullivan said that for 8 months in Shenzhen, he had gained a lot in professional study, and the extra-curricular life was also colorful. On behalf of all 24 Cote d’Ivoire students, he expressed thanks for SZPU’s meticulous arrangements. The students spoke one after another; some of them shared their learning gains in Chinese, and they also put forward doubts or suggestions from many aspects such as enterprise internship, exam standards, graduation thesis, summer training, Chinese language learning, exchange opportunities, campus access management, etc. The teachers present at the symposium responded in time and put forward solutions accordingly.

In the end, Li Yue made a summary of the symposium by pointing out that the university has always attached great attention to Cote d’Ivoire students, and the International Office and the School of Construction Engineering have carried out many cultural and professional practice activities inside and outside the class; this time, by form of symposium, the university could have a more direct understanding of everyone’s ideas and thoughts; now standing at a new historical starting point, SZPU will further improve the level of international management, and perform well in the education of international students. Meanwhile, Li Yue affirmed the learning ability and attitude of Cote d’Ivoire students, and put forward three hopes: first, she hoped that the students would cherish the opportunity to study in China, work hard, actively participate in various activities of the university, improve professional skills, enrich cultural knowledge, and contribute their own strength to the society after completing the study; second, she hoped that the students would be strict with themselves and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and the rules and policies of the university; third, she hoped that the students could know and be friends with China, and act as “friendship envoys” to convey China’s voice and Chinese stories on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Cote d’Ivoire. (Chen Xiaoduo, International Office)


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