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A Delegation Led by Cao Diefeng, Deputy Director of Center for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, Ministry of Education, Visited SZPU

Date: Oct 20, 2023

The symposium was held in Conference Room 109, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus

In the morning of October 20, Cao Diefeng, Deputy Director of Center for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, Ministry of Education, led Li Tingting, Director of Development Planning Department of the Center, Xia Xin, a leader at the department level, and other related persons to visit our university. SZPU Deputy Party Secretary & President Xu Jianling, Vice President Li Yue, Wang Bingfeng, Director of International Office, and Yang Congkun, Deputy Director of International Office, attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Xu Jianling introduced SZPU’s running situation from five aspects, including the source of students, teachers, hardware, environment and employment. He said that in June this year, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of Shenzhen Polytechnic University, marking the beginning of a new journey in the construction of vocational undergraduate programs. He hoped that the Center for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, Ministry of Education, would continue to support the development of the university and give more guidance to the international development of the university. Afterwards, Wang Bingfeng reported on the exploration and practice of SZPU’s overseas cooperation from aspects of the construction goal, construction path and construction effect.

Cao Diefeng fully affirmed the achievements of SZPU’s overseas exchanges and cooperation. He said that before coming to the university, he visited the Department of Education of Guangdong Province and acquired a deep understanding of the relevant situation of the university. The Center hoped to carry out more international cooperation with the university and jointly drive China’s vocational education to “go global”.

The two sides held further discussions on cooperation in such fields as Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, China-New Zealand Vocational Education Development Alliance and ASEAN’s “Thousand Schools Plan”.

It is reported that the Center for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges, established in 2017, is a public institution directly under the Ministry of Education, mainly undertaking related policies and basic research on cultural exchanges, participating in the top-level design of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, carrying out professional training in related business fields and international exchanges and cooperation, and engaging in the policy publicity of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.

After the symposium, the delegation led by Cao Diefeng visited the training rooms of the School of Electronic and Communication Engineering, the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to learn more about therunning characteristics and achievements of the industry-education integration at SZPU. (Li Simin, International Office)


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