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Five SZPT Scholars Included in “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2023”

Date: Oct 18, 2023

Recently, Stanford University and Elsevier jointly released the “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2023”, which included five scholars Wang Hao, Wang Jingzhe, Yu Lihong, Zhu Sidi and Yi Haibo from SZPU.

The five scholars are from Hoffmann Institute of Advanced Materials, School of Artificial Intelligence, and School of Materials and Environmental Engineering respectively. Their research directions cover inorganic chemistry, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, nanoscience, network and communication, etc.. In recent years, the university has gradually improved the “1234” scientific research work system, strengthened the organized scientific research mode, accelerated the construction of high-level scientific research platforms by strengthening the layout of key scientific research areas and priority topics, and increased the cultivation and support for scientific research talents, producing a number of high-level and high-quality scientific research outcomes, pleasantly included on such lists as Nature Index and World’s Top 2% Scientists.

“World’s Top 2% Scientists” is based on the Scopusicon database and released by a team from Stanford University and Elsevier’s Mendeley Data. The papers covered therein are published in SSCI, SCI, EI journals and EI conferences, and are comprehensively evaluated by the number of citations, H index and HM index, which can objectively and truly reflect the output and influence of academic staff, and have high authority in the academic community. According to this year’s science impact list, a total of nearly 210,000 persons stand out from nearly 7 million scientists worldwide, including 23,484 Chinese scientists. More than 500 persons from Shenzhen are included on the list, among whom 415 are from colleges and universities.

(Fan Yujun, Office of Scientific Research)


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