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SZPT and Inovance Technology Renewed the School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement

Work together to promote the deep integration of industry and education

Date: Mar 7, 2023

The meeting was held in Conference Room 109 of Liuxiandong Campus

On March 6, SZPT and Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. renewed the strategic cooperation agreement in Liuxiandong Campus. Zhou Bin, Vice President of Inovance Technology, Xu Yingquan, Director of General Automation of Inovance Technology, Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SZPT, and Xu Jianling, President of SZPT, attended the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, Xu Jianling, on behalf of SZPT, extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Zhou Bin. He said that Inovance Technology is a famous enterprise growing up in Shenzhen, and since 2017, SZPT and Inovance Technology have carried out extensive cooperation through complementary advantages and resource sharing, and have jointly held six sessions of Inovance Automation Talent Order Class, delivering more than 160 highly skilled automation talents who meet the actual needs of enterprises within Inovance Technology Industry Alliance. Practice has proved that school-enterprise cooperation is very successful and has formed the “SZPT – Inovance” mode that can be replicated and popularized. With Inovance Automation Talent Order Class as the carrier, SZPT will continue to deepen the connotation of “Nine Common Activities” and perform cooperation in more fields. It is expected that the two sides will make joint efforts to promote the construction of SZPT - Inovance Technology Industry Institute as soon as possible.

Zhou Bin introduced the development, main business, talent demand and other conditions of Inovance Technology in recent years, and spoke highly of the performance of our students at Inovance. He said that SZPT is the benchmark of higher vocational colleges in China, and he was very grateful to the college for sending excellent graduates to the company over the years. In recent years, the business segments of the company have been developing rapidly; especially, the demand for highly skilled automation technology talents is huge. The company expects to deepen the cooperation with SZPT in talent training, scientific research transformation, and engineer training & certification, providing more highly skilled talents for enterprises within Inovance Technology Industry Alliance.

Yang Xinbin awarded the appointment letter to Zhou Bin, Vice President of Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd., and said that the cooperation between SZPT and Inovance Technology is very successful and has become a typical model of school-enterprise cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will further deepen the cooperation and jointly explore the cultivation of high-level talents in vocational education. He expected the two sides to focus on deep innovation at the bottom and introduce domestic and foreign technical experts to jointly solve the bottleneck problems in the field of automation; transform the innovations of Inovance Technology into SZPT’s new courses, new skills and new vocational qualification standards; and meanwhile, by leveraging the capacity of UN Chair on Digitization, promote Inovance’s industrial digitization technology to all over the world. He believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, future cooperation would surely achieve more fruitful results.

At the meeting, the two sides also had in-depth discussions on the construction of industry institute, training of order class students, engineer training & certification center, and construction of public service platform for scientific research and technology.

(Text/Cai Wenju, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; Image/Xie Jiakang, Convergence Media Center)


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