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The First Batch of 26 Teachers and Students from the National Polytechnic Institute under the “Future Africa – China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training Program” Arrived at SZPT Smoothly

Date: Mar 7, 2023

President Xu Jianling was welcoming theteachers and students from the National Polytechnic Institute to SZPT

Vice President Li Yue was visiting the dormitory of international students

On March 7, the first batch of 26 teachers and students from the National Polytechnic Institute under the “Future Africa – China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training Program (Architectural Engineering)” arrived at SZPT smoothly.

President Xu Jianling talked with the teachers and students from the National Polytechnic Institute. He said that SZPT attaches great importance to this class of specialized international students, which has the largest scale in the history of SZPT. Since the launch of the program, SZPT has been looking forward to the arrival of the teachers and students. National Polytechnic Institute is the best local engineering college, and Shenzhen Polytechnic is the vanguard of China’s higher vocational colleges. He believed that the students would have different learning experiences during their stay in Shenzhen, and hoped that the students would enjoy their study and life in Shenzhen. In the end, he wished the students all success in their study.

Li Yue, Vice President of SZPT, Tang Kesheng, Head of International Office, and Zou Geng, Counselor for International Students, accompanied two leading teachers from the National Polytechnic Institute to visit the dormitory of international students. Li Yue extended a warm welcome to the international students. She focused on the accommodation of the international students, examined the dormitory facilities, and checked if each international student had moved in smoothly. She also kindly inquired about the physical condition of each international student after arriving in Shenzhen and asked them to have a good rest.

The leading teacher Mr. KOKO thanked the college for making meticulous arrangements from airport pickup to dormitory check-in, and preparing all kinds of daily necessities for the students in advance. He said that although it took more than 20 hours to fly from Cote d'Ivoire to China, the nice reception and thoughtful arrangements made them feel full of warmth.

It is reported that the “China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training” is a sub-program of the “China-Africa TVET Cooperation Program”, launched by the Ministry of Education to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of vocational education under the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, mainly aimed at the human resources demand of African countries at the initial stage of infrastructure construction and industrialization, focusing on construction, machinery and other fields in urgent need. It takes the form of joint oriented training by Chinese and African colleges and Chinese-funded enterprises to train African applied talents at the specialized level. After selection, Shenzhen Polytechnic and National Polytechnic Institute are included into the first batch of pilot colleges for this program to jointly train applied talents in architectural engineering. The “1.5+1.5+0.5” cooperative school-running mode is adopted, that is, students study for one stage in Cote d'Ivoire and one stage in China, and receive graduation certificates from the two colleges after their study. (Li Simin, International Office)


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