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A Group of Experts from Huawei Visited SZPT for Survey and Cooperation Discussion

Date: Mar 2, 2023

The symposium was held in the conference room of the Exchange Center of Xilihu Campus

On February 25, a group of 12 experts from Huawei, including Hao Guangming, General Manager of Huawei Industrial AI Agent SDT, Shen Zhongming, Senior Technical Expert of Huawei 2012 Laboratory, Xu Jialin, General Manager of Open Lab of Huawei Global Technical Services Department and other experts, visited SZPT for survey on the construction of joint laboratory. Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SZPT, Su Hongye, President of the Institute of Intelligent Science and Engineering, Lu Shan, Executive Director of the Institute, and all researchers of the Institute accompanied the expert group.

At the meeting, Yang Xinbin briefly introduced the college’s operational results since its establishment. He said that Huawei has made brilliant achievements in the field of communication over the years, and the two sides have carried out all-round and deep cooperation in vocational education and training, certification system construction and other aspects. He hoped that the two sides would have further exchange and cooperation in the direction of industrial production and intelligent manufacturing, especially in the field of control science and intelligent control in the future.

Hao Guangming mentioned in his speech that Huawei set up the Industrial AI Agent Department in 2022, responsible for the research & development of hardware and software technology and solutions for the industrial sector. He hoped that after this visit, the two sides would carry out in-depth cooperation in the research & development of key technologies in the field of industrial control, jointly address many key technical issues, and boost the technological advance in the field of industrial control.

Su Hongye hoped that through this visit, and combined with the characteristics of local industries in Shenzhen, the two sides would gradually cooperate to carry out research on the application technology with distinctive characteristics, and further apply the top technological achievements into the application verification platform based on actual scenarios, so as to achieve a win-win situation for the college, enterprise and students. Lu Shan introduced the expert group the achievements and breakthroughs made by the Institute of Intelligent Science and Engineering in the fields of intelligent system optimization and control, and industrial intelligence driven by big data.

The expert group was visiting the typical industrial scenario control system of SZPT

Afterwards, the expert group visited the typical industrial scenario control system, ground to air UAV collaboration, intelligent production line for precision molds, EOEO industrial Internet production training center, dynamic wireless charging and wind power intelligent microgrid system and other experimental sites.

Going forward, the two sides will further organically integrate superior resources, jointly build an advanced domestic experimental verification platform, promote the solutions to common technical difficulties in the field of industrial control, work together in the development of scientific research and industry, accelerate the network-based, digital and intelligent transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, and contribute wisdom and energy to scientific and technological innovation in the Greater Bay Area.

(Fu Mengxue, Institute of Intelligent Science and Engineering)


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