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CFLAC Vice Chairman Pan Lusheng Appointed as SZPT College Affairs Consultant

Date: Feb 24, 2023

On February 21-22, Pan Lusheng, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literature and Art Circles, Chairman of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association & President of Shandong University of Art & Design, visited our college and was appointed as SZPT College AffairsConsultant, and also attended the 2023 Construction and Development Seminar of the Cultural & Creative Products Institute and the Symposium on the Project Construction of OCT Campus. Party Secretary Yang Xinbin, Vice Presidents Dong Chaojun, Li Xiaoyuan and Zhang Zuotai attended the event.

On February 21, at the 2023 Construction and Development Seminar of the Cultural & Creative Products Institute, Yang Xinbin awarded Pan Lusheng the appointment letter ofcollege affairs consultant. The relevant person in charge of the Cultural & Creative Products Institute briefly reported the work of the institute in respect of platform construction, international awards, standard formulation, subject projects, invention patents and theoretical research since its establishment. During the exchange and discussion session, the experts offered their advice and suggestions to pass on the experience and treasure for the future development of the institute.

Pan Lusheng was appointed as SZPT College AffairsConsultant

Pan Lusheng holds that the instituteshould stand at a high position, with great aspiration and accurate orientation. It should base on the service for local economic development, make medium and long-term planning, and pinpoint the development orientation of the institute as a research agency; should focus on the important proposition of promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese culture, take revitalizing traditional crafts as the starting point, give full play to the advantages of geographical resources in the Greater Bay Area, and realize the modern value of traditional cultural symbols; should establish an orderly system of deep cooperation with enterprises, leverage the research advantages of universities and colleges in basic disciplines and application conversion, and lead the improvement and transformation of enterprise design culture; and should pay attention to technological empowerment, and combined with intelligent manufacturing disciplines, strengthen the integrated development of design.

On February 22, Pan Lusheng visited our OCT campus and listened to the report from the relevant person in charge of the School of Art and Design on the programs for discipline construction, digital transformation and upgrading of training room, space layout and other aspects after its settlement at OCT Campus.

Pan Lusheng fully affirmed the achievements of the overall renovation and project construction of the campus, and put forward suggestions from three “mode transformations”. Firstly, grasp the transformation of educational mode. In accordance with the national development guidelines, perform the integration and crossover fusion of the existing disciplines, add specialized contents such as intelligent manufacturing and digital art, and build a comprehensive training room. Secondly, attach importance to the mode transformation from discipline to industry. Give full play to the industrial advantages of Shenzhen, connect professional training with various industries, and serve as a pioneer in talent training. Finally, pay attention to the transformation of the overall campus planning management mode. The School of Art and Design needs to change from the role of secondary school to the management mode of branch school. Besides teaching management, attention should also be given to new technology support, logistics, security, social services and other management areas. In addition, Pan Lusheng also gave constructive suggestions on specific matters such as “design of campus visual image system”, “overall management of shareddevices” and “management organization planning”.

Persons in charge of relevant departments attended the event, including the School of Art and Design, Cultural & Creative Products Institute, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of State Assets, Office of Logistics & Infrastructure, Department of Sports, Library, and Education Information Center.

(Cultural & Creative Products Institute, Office of Logistics & Infrastructure)


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