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Another Big Prize! Communication Teacher Won the iF Design Award 2023!

Date: Apr 18, 2023

On April 14, the “iF” Award of Germany, a top global design award, officially announced the result. Yu Guang, a teacher from the School of Communication, won the iF Design Award 2023 for his “Jie Jie Gao” packaging design project. According to the official introduction, nearly 11,000 entries from 56 countries were received this year. The iF jury consisted of 132 renowned design experts from more than 20 countries.

The “Jie Jie Gao” packaging design is targeted at Xiao Qing Gan Pu’er Tea. The whole material of the packaging is environmentally friendly art paper, and the design is inspired by bamboo joint. In traditional Chinese culture, the bamboo joint symbolizes integrity and also implies getting better year by year, expressing people’s yearning for a better life. In addition, bamboo is a homonym for the Chinese character “Zhu(祝)”inChinese language, which means blessing. In terms of modeling structure, a pull-type structure is adopted so that the product can be placed within the box well. Using the bionic design principle, the packaging is designed into the shape of bamboo joint. The whole packaging design, modeling structure, paper selection, color, creative principles also contain ecological and environmental awareness, reflecting the original ecological characteristics of Citrus Pu’er Tea.

The award-winning entry is an industry-university-research projecton rural revitalizationbetween the school and enterprises led by teachers from the School of Communication. In recent years, the School of Communication has been active in guiding teachers to solve technical difficulties in the production practice of enterprises, and combining professional and technical expertise to serve the society, promote the improvement of teachers’ professional and technical level and the development of scientific research teams, realize the integration of science and education, improve the quality of talent training, andcontribute to the high-quality development of regional economy.

It is reported that iF Design Award was founded in Germany in 1954, and has a long history of nearly 70 years, aiming to emphasize the importance of design, and highlight the significance of design to users, brands and society. Renowned for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” award concept, IF Design Award has been internationally recognized as a prestigious award in the field of contemporary design, one of the most influential design awards in the world, and a symbol of global excellent design.

(Yu Guang, School of Communication)


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