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Students from School of Automobile and Transportation Engineering Won the First Prize in the “Rail Vehicle Technology” Segment of the Provincial Competition

Date: Apr 18, 2023

On April 14-15, the “Rail Vehicle Technology” segment of 2022-2023 Guangdong Vocational College Skills Competition, sponsored by Department of Education of Guangdong Province, was held in Guangdong Communication Polytechnic. A total of 14 vocational colleges in Guangdong Province registered for this segment, with 26 teams composed of 52 contestants. The two teams composed of Li Na and Huang Ziyin as well as Wu Yichun and Han Yinan, instructed by the teachers Chen Zhaomeng, Zhang Xuxin, Cui Hongwei and Lan Chunfeng from the urban rail major of the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering, both won the first prize in the rail vehicle technology segment, and took the second and fourth place respectively.

The contents of the “Rail Vehicle Technology” segment consisted of three modules: the overhaul and control of pantograph, the installation and debugging of passenger door, and the troubleshooting and handling of the whole vehicle, covering the maintenance of rail vehicle components, installation of control circuit, repair of control air circuit, debugging of system functions, etc.,which requires high abilities fromcontestants on the drawing recognition, installation process, equipment overhaul, maintenance,troubleshooting and diagnosis,and problem-solving.

(Image/Chen Zhaomeng; Text/Zhang Xuxin, School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering)


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