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Students from School of Economics Won the First Prize in the “Tax Skills” Segment of the Provincial Competition

Date: Apr 18, 2023

On April 15, the“Tax Skills”Segment of2022-2023 Guangdong Vocational College Students Professional Skills Competition was heldin Foshan Polytechnic. 104 teams from Guangdong Province participated in this segment. After fierce competition, the first team (Huang Sumin, Zhang Wenli and Ye Lihong from Grade2021) and the second team (Duan Huili, Cen Jinyi and Chen Yanting from Grade2021) from thebigdata andaccounting major of the School of Economics ofSZPT, instructed by the teacherPeng Jian,won the first prize in this segment.

On the basis of making students better adapt to the new tax policy environment such as the reform of the national tax collection system, the deepening of VAT reform andtheindividual income tax reform, the tax skillssegment realized the docking of the course teaching contents and tax industry standards,andthe docking of enterprise finance& taxation talenttraining and enterprise tax jobs, so as to open up the last kilometer of employment. This segment set up three tax-related jobs: financial supervisor, tax accountant and tax clerk,and was divided into two halves. The first halfwas “daily tax-related business management of enterprises”, which simulated the daily tax-related business of small and medium-sized enterprises in different industries, andwas completed independently by three contestants. The second halfwas “final settlementofcorporate income tax”, which simulated the final settlement processofannual corporate income tax of a medium-sized enterprise, and was completed by three contestants together. This segmenthad very high requirements on the theoretical foundation of tax law knowledge, the practical application of tax skills and the team cooperation among thecontestants.

(Peng Jian, School of Economics)


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