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Students from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Won the First Prize in the “Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology” Segment of the Provincial Competition

Date: Apr 14, 2023

On April 7-8, the “Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology” segment of 2022-2023 “Digital Mold Design and Manufacturing Technology”, sponsored by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, was held in Zhongshan Polytechnic. The students Qi Hengyu and Pei Wenyu majoring in mechanical design and manufacturing, instructed by the coach Liang Weiwen and the teacher Guo Xiaoxia, won the first prize (second place) in Guangdong Province.

The “Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology” segment, as part of the national competition, is a combination of product structure design, injection mold design, mold flow analysis, engineering drawing, numerical control processing, assembly fitter, mold trial and other technologies, covering the core courses of mechanical majors. The students were required topossess solid professional knowledge, and ability to make skilled use of more than four kinds of specialized software and flexibly solve a variety of problems on the site. This segmentlasted a total of9 hours (4 hours for design, and 5 hours for processing and assembly), requiring the students to have strong capability as well as good physical strength and concentration.

(Guo Xiaoxia, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)


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