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Students from School of Construction Engineering Won Two First Prizes in the “Architectural Engineering Drawing Recognition” Segment

Date: Apr 11, 2023

On April 7-9, the “Architectural Engineering Drawing Recognition” segment of 2022-2023 Guangdong Vocational College Students Professional Skills Competition was held in Guangdong Construction Polytechnic. 89 teams of 178 contestants from 47 vocational colleges in Guangdong Province participated in this segment. Li Hongzhen, Lu Yongshi, Ye Lintao and Zhu Pengzhou, students from the School of Construction Engineering, formed two teams to participate in the competition, and both won the first prize in groups and were successfully qualified for the national competition this year.

The questions of the “Architectural Engineering Drawing Recognition” segment were based on actual architectural engineering drawings as the carrier, and designed according to the vocational post requirements for students after graduation, with focus on assessing students’ comprehensive skills inrecognizing and reading architectural engineering drawings and making architectural engineering drawing with CAD software. The contestants were required to complete the two tasks of reading construction drawings independently and cooperating in making construction drawings. Under the meticulous organization and arrangement of the School of Construction Engineering, and more than eight months of thoughtful coaching by two teachers Chen Shaoming and Lu Hu, the contestants finally achieved excellent results by virtue of their solid foundation, excellent skills andstable psychological qualities.

(Chen Shaoming, Lyu Hu, School of Construction Engineering)


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