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Students from School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering Won the First Prize in the Automotive Technology Segment of the Provincial Competition

Date: Apr 11, 2023

On April 8-9, the Automotive Technology Segment of 2022-2023 Guangdong Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Group) was successfully held in Guangdong Mechanical & Electrical Polytechnic. 63 teams from the province held a high-level skills competition, and the students majoring in new energy vehicles won the first prize.

This segment consisted of four modules: “engine management technology”, “body electrical technology”, “electric vehicle technology” and “intelligent technology”, designed to evaluate contestants on the analysis and application of the principle and control logic of the engine control system, automotive electrical system and electric vehicle drive system, as well as the analysis of the structure and working principle of the intelligent networked vehicle; and the application ability of multimeter, oscilloscope and other detection equipment, respectively; from theoretical system to professional practice, the instructors required the contestants to do their best in each thought logic. After 9 months of hard preparation, the students won the first prize by virtue of their solid theoretical foundation and exquisite skills.

(Li Zhanyu, School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering)


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