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SZPT Students Won Great Results in the 2022 National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students

Date: Nov 21, 2022

Recently, the winners of the 2022 National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students were announced. SZPT students won 1 national first prize, 3 national second prizes, 1 provincial first prize, 10 provincial second prizes and 8 provincial third prizes in the specialty group. This year, 14,499 contestants from 4,833 teams participated in the competition, and the proportion of the national first prize and national second prize on the track of the specialty group was 1.28% and 3.66% respectively. Founded in 1992, the National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students is held once a year. It has become the largest basic discipline competition among colleges in China and the largest mathematical modeling competition in the world.

The Mathematical Teaching and Research Office of Industrial Center started the preparation for competition in April. The Modeling Association extensively publicized and mobilized the students, whose enthusiasm was very high. Finally, a total of 54 teams composed of 153 students were selected to participate in the competition, which reached a record high. The Mathematical Teaching and Research Office set up a team of high-quality instructors to overcome the impact of COVID-19, and by combining online and offline, provide special training for the contestants in summer vacation and weekends.At the first stage, contestants could acquire a systematical understanding of the whole process of modeling by practicing and commenting on typical competition questions.The second stage was dedicated to programming and writing training for programmers and writers, laying a more solid foundation for them to compete.In the competition, the contestants worked through the night, braving difficulties, and finally won good results.

List of Winners:

Prize Level

Winning Student


National First Prize

Duan Yuanyuan

Chen Qiuyue

Su Yi

Yang Qun

National Second Prize

Wu Zechun

Lu Caixuan

Chen Guisong

Li Xin

National Second Prize

Zhang Sixia

Chen Yingyang

Pan Jingru

Wei Dongping

National Second Prize

Wu Chuangxin

Ye Jiajia

Feng Jiahao

Liu Zhiyong

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