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AI Teachers and Students Won Good Results in the National Vocational Skills Competition

Date: Nov 30, 2022

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On November 26, the National Final of the Computer Programmer (Python Programming) Competition of the 2022 National Industrial Vocational Skills Competition concluded at SZPT. Wang Ning, Director of the Organizing Committee and President of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce; Zhou Ming, Deputy Director of the Organizing committee; Wang Fushan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce; Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SZPT; and Xu Jianling, President of SZPT, attended the activity.

The competition adopted a combination of online and offline. A total of 64 students and 29 employees from 93 teams across the country participated in the competition. Eventually, 7 students won the first prize, 9 students won the second prize and 16 students won the third prize in the final; 3 employees won the first prize, 5 employees won the second prize, and 7 employees won the third prize. Li Yueping, Wu Zhangling and Hai Long, teachers from the School of Artificial Intelligence at SZPT, won the champion, the second prize and the third prize respectively in the employee group.Students Yang Yuyuan and Zheng Zefeng won the second prize and the third prize respectively.The first-prize winners in the employee group of this competition would be awarded the title of “National Technical Expert”.

As the most authoritative and professional segment in the national computer program application field, this competition is an effective way to promote the widespread application of new-generation information technology, promote the construction of highly skilled talents, and speed up the training and selection of highly skilled talents, and also an important measure to implement the CPC Central Committee’s decision to build a large force of knowledgeable, skilled and innovative workers, promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and create a social atmosphere of glorious work and dedication to excellence.The college will take this competition as an opportunity to further promote teaching and learning through competition, continuously deepen the reform of education and teaching, accelerate the digital transformation of majors, further improve the quality of talent training, and make due contributions to the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled talents to meet the needs of the intelligent era and promote the high-quality development of vocational education.

(Huang Dan, School of Artificial Intelligence)


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