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SZPU Established the First Academic Committee

Date: Dec 14, 2023

On December 13, the establishment ceremony for the first Academic Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic University was held in Conference Room 101, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus. SZPU President Xu Jianling attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Vice President Zhang Zuotai. Ruan Yihua, Secretary-General of Academic Committee, read out the founding document of the first Academic Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic University. There are 27 members of the Academic Committee, with Zhang Zuotai as the chairman, and Li Shaofeng, Dean of School of Materials and Environmental Engineering, and Wang Ying, Dean of School of Economics, as the deputy chairmen.

Xu Jianling presented a letter of appointment to each member. On behalf of the university, he congratulated on the establishment of the first Academic Committee and put forward four requirements and hopes for the work of the Academic Committee: first, give full play to its role of pooling wisdom and offering suggestions for making decisions, especially in the review of academic development plans for education and teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, teaching staff, etc., as well as the establishment, reform and adjustment of disciplines and majors; second, strengthen the construction of academic sub-committees in secondary institutions and mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of academic organizations at the grass-roots level; third, further improve the overall awareness, academic accomplishment and professional level of the members of the academic committee, optimize the academic environment and improve the governance structure; fourth, members of the academic committee should take the lead in creating a good academic atmosphere, strictly observe the bottom line of learning and teaching ethics, respect academic freedom and academic equality, and encourage academic innovation. He hoped that all the committee members would give full play to their professional, academic and resource advantages, take on important responsibilities, and make greater contributions to SZPU’s scientific research development, and construction into a world-class vocational and technical university for serving as the first “vanguard boat” in the innovation and development of China’s vocational education.

(Yuan Hui, Office of Scientific Research)


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