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The 2023 Working Meeting of All Members of National Judicial TVET Steering Committee Held in SZPU

Date: Dec 11, 2023

On December 6-8, the 2023 working meeting of all members of the National Judicial TVET Steering Committee was held in SZPU. The meeting was organized by the School of Economics of Shenzhen Polytechnic University. The chairman, deputy chairmen and members of the National Judicial TVET Steering Committee, and more than 80 presidents (deans) of major judicial vocational colleges (schools) nationwide attended the meeting offline, while the teachers engaged in judicial TVET practices attended the meeting online.

Yang Xinbin, Secretary of Party Committee of SZPU, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting. He said that the university attaches great importance to legal education and the training of legal talents, and established the major of legal affairs in the School of Economics as early as 2004. After nearly 30 years of development, the major of legal affairs major in SZPU has explored a training mode of talents for the legal profession, formed distinctive characteristics among many peers engaged in legal teaching in China, and made lots of remarkable achievements, and has grown into a dominant major serving the economic and social development of “dual zones”. SZPU will take this national meeting as an opportunity to give full play to the location advantage of Shenzhen as a model city for the rule of law, continue to deepen teaching reform, improve teaching standards, promote the high-quality development of legal education, and train more outstanding legal talents, so as to provide a solid talent guarantee for law-based governance on all fronts, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of a powerful country in education and the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

Ding Tianqiu, Deputy Director of Legal Qualification Administration of the Ministry of Justice & Chairman of National Judicial TVET Steering Committee, pointed out that in the next stage, the judicial vocational education work should seize opportunities and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and the sense of mission in judicial vocational education; aim at targets and firmly promote the high-quality development of modern judicial vocational education; and strengthen the service and give full play to the guiding function of the Judicial TVET Steering Committee.

Tang Ni, Researcherof Vocational Education Development Center of Ministry of Education, pointed out in her speech that judicial vocational education must deepen the integration of industry and education, and that the communication with the industry, the market and the enterprises is necessary for vocational education. We should perform the connotation construction well, improve the key school-running ability of vocational education as a whole, serve the development of new forms of the judicial practice, and build a good new infrastructure for vocational education; and should strengthen the self-construction of the committee, implement strict working procedures, improve system building and capacity construction, and reinforce the professional guidance and talent reserve for judicial vocational education.

Wang Hong, Deputy Secretary of Political and Legal Committee of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, pointed out in his speech that judicial vocational education is an important part of the training of legal talents, and SZPU, as a “banner” of China’s higher vocational education, has made a lot of explorations on the road of judicial vocational education. In recent years, the major of legal affairs in SZPU has kept making innovations in major construction and talent training, and has sent batches of outstanding graduates to Shenzhen’s political and legal system, effectively boosting the construction of the rule of law in Shenzhen. Wang Hong hoped that SZPU will integrate Xi Jinping’s thought on rule of law into the whole process of education, and constantly train more legal professionals in the new era that meet the needs of China’s rule of law construction; maintain the spirit of innovation, and explore the legal vocational education model with Shenzhen characteristics; strengthen the training of students’ foreign language skills, and cultivate foreign-related legal talents with the characteristics of vocational education.

Yuan Zhongyi, Member of Party Committee & Deputy Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Justice, said that Shenzhen Bureau of Justice has carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with SZPU. In 2017, the two sides jointly established the first “Judicial Talent Training Base” in China. In 2018, the two sides signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in respect of judicial talent training, legal skills training, internship and employment, etc., and listed the base as the “Shenzhen Mediation Talent Training and Research Base”. He hoped that in the future, the two sides will strengthen in-depth cooperation in curriculum construction and textbook construction, build a shared demonstration platform for legal teaching practice, implement modern and standardized judicial talent training models such as scenario-based and case-based training, and focus on creating a differentiated, distinctive and modern legal education model to cultivate practical and interdisciplinary legal talents with international vision.

This meeting has built consensus for high-quality judicial vocational education guidance in the new era and along the new journey, and contributed the force of vocational education for the society to train more high-quality judicial talents.

(Li Yue, School of Economics)


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