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Sun Gang, Head of Huawei ICT Talent Partnership Development Division, Led a Delegation to Visit SZPU

Focusing on school-enterprise cooperation to deepen the integration of industry and education

Date: Nov 13, 2023

In the afternoon of November 10, Sun Gang, Head of ICT Talent Partnership Development Division of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., led a delegation to visit our university and have talks with our leaders on strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, promoting talent training and innovation, and other topics. SZPU President Xu Jianling attended the meeting. Relevant heads from the Office of Academic Affairs, Asia-Africa Center, Planning Office, and School of Electronic and Communication Engineering were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Song Rong, Dean of School of Electronic and Communication Engineering.

Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) reported the main achievements, annual key tasks and problems faced since its establishment in March. The leaders of the two sides highly affirmed the achievements of IASC, and discussed the annual key tasks and existing problems. The Office of Academic Affairs and IASC proposed a preliminary feasible plan for the promotion of “Huawei General Studies Course”. The Asia-Africa Center said that it would work with IASC to promote the internationalization of Huawei’s talent operations. The Planning Office proposed to coordinate the connection of Huawei resources and campus resources in the future to achieve efficient cooperation. The School of Electronic and Communication Engineering reported the “Five-Year Cooperation Plan between Huawei and SZPU”, and the two sides discussed the in-depth cooperation in many aspects such as Huawei’s new technology transformation courses, undergraduate talent training, high-quality employment, and cooperation in chip manufacturing.

Sun Gang once again introduced the strategy and goal of Huawei’s talent development. He said that as a global leading technology company, Huawei’s demand and requirements for talents are constantly increasing. In order to better cultivate high-quality talents with global vision and innovation ability, Huawei is committed to working closely with major colleges and universities around the world to jointly promote the innovation and development of talent training.

Xu Jianling introduced the educational resources and talent training of the university. He said that SZPU attaches great importance to cooperation with enterprises and hopes to further strengthen the university’s talent training work and improve the quality and level of talent training through cooperation with leading technology enterprises like Huawei.

The two sides agreed that school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to cultivate talents and a key link of scientific and technological innovation. The two sides will jointly explore new models in IASC construction, talent training, scientific research and innovation, and social services, and promote an innovation paradigm that combines industry, university, research and application.

(Wang Kang, Huawei IASC)


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