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SZPU Held the First Large Campus Recruitment Mutual Selection Fair for Graduates (2024)

Date: Oct 27, 2023

The first campus recruitment mutual selection fair for graduates (2024) of SZPU was successfully held at Xili Lake Campus and Liuxiandong Campus simultaneously

On October 25, to further broaden the employment channels of graduates and facilitate their high-quality and full employment, the first campus recruitment mutual selection fair for graduates (2024) of our university was successfully held at Xili Lake Campus and Liuxiandong Campus.

A total of more than 4,700 graduates sought jobs on site, and the participating enterprises received more than 6,200 resumes

The mutual selection fair was held by our university in collaboration with Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shenzhen Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Nanshan District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. According to the discipline settings of the two campuses, more than 430 high-quality enterprises were invited to attend the fair, covering multiple industries such as semiconductor and integrated circuit industry, laser and additive manufacturing industry, precision instrument and equipment industry, industrial machine industry, etc. Fangda Group, SF Express, Luckin Coffee, First Metallurgical Group, IKEA, HSBC, Jingji Property, China Resources Vanguard and other well-known enterprises offered nearly 20,000 jobs. Graduates could quickly check the target exhibition areas and communicate with their favorite enterprises based on their career development needs. They dressed in formal clothes, with resumes in hands. According to statistics, the mutual selection fair attracted more than 4,700 graduates looking for jobs on site and the participating companies received more than 6,200 resumes.

A “Job Guidance Station” was also set up to provide one-to-one guidance for students

The “Job Guidance Station” was also set up at the site, which adopted comprehensive guidance, one-stop policy answers and other ways to provide one-to-one guidance services such as career assessment area, resume diagnosis, entrepreneurship policy explanation, and employment guidance for students, and help graduates make reasonable career planning, so as to fully satisfy the multi-level, all-round and precise service needs of graduates in the transition period, serving more than 350 students in total.

The fair carried out live broadcast synchronously, attracting more than 4,700 persons to meet in the cloud

The fair carried out live broadcastsynchronously, and invited 3 high-quality enterprises including CPS, Crastal Technology, and Aierte Technology, to offer more than 50 job opportunities online. Job information were introduced in detail for fresh or previous college graduates and job seekers who came to Shenzhen for career development. Thewarm interactive atmosphere during the live broadcast attracted more than 4,700 persons to meet in the cloud.

The success of this mutual selection fair built a high-quality and precise employment service platform for employers and graduates, and both the supply and demand sides gained a full harvest therefrom. Next, the university will hold nearly 20 mutual selection fairs to continuously provide strong guarantee for the full employment of graduates.

(Office of Enrollment and Employment: Yilinuer Yimingjiang)


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