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Good News! SZPU Won 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals in CICSIC

Date: Dec 13, 2023

Recently, the national final of the China International College Students’ Innovation Competition (CICSIC) 2023 was held in Tianjin University. SZPU won the best results in history, including 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in the national competition, as well as 10 gold and 10 silver medals in the Guangdong provincial competition. The number of gold awards and medals in the national competition ranked first among vocational colleges in China. Wherein, our junior college project “You You Yi Zhi” crossed over to the undergraduate track, stood out of many 985 and 211 universities, and won our first gold award on the undergraduate track.

SZPU leaders welcomed the winning team

On December 12, SZPU Party Secretary Yang Xinbin, President Xu Jianling and Vice President Li Yue met the representatives of project students and instructors in the first place after the return of the winning team. SZPU leaders expressed warm congratulations to the winning team, and encouraged the students to bring their experience and harvest from the competition process into the future study and life, promote learning and innovation through competition, constantly surpass themselves on the road of life in the future, and create more brilliant achievements!

The team of teachers and students went to Tianjin for the competition

“Lihu Training Camp”, which is twin to the competition, is rooted in the practical education of SZPU’s “four integrations” advanced innovation and entrepreneurship education system. After years of iteration and upgrading, it has become a high-quality, efficient and lightweight brand of business enterprise management education. In 2023, with the mission of “realizing self-worth,helping others succeed, and benefiting society” and the target of “theoretical height, knowledge breadth and practice depth”, “Lihu Training Camp” encouraged students to uphold the principle of “working at the front line of enterprises, and taking roots in the motherland”, and boosted the talent training through eight months of preparations for the “university-level competition, provincial preliminary, provincial final, national preliminary, and national final”. The training camp offered a total of more than 20 courses such as classic reading, commercial design, team building, entrepreneurial management, integrated marketing, investment and financing, film and drama, business etiquette, etc. After eight months of systematic and intensive training, the students had great improvements in expertise, business knowledge, technical skills, spirit of cooperation, practical ability and other aspects. While completing their own work, the instructors used evenings, weekends and winter/summer holidays to provide guidance for the students, without pay, regardless of gains and losses, which fully demonstrated the spirit and quality of SZPU members. During the preparation process, the relevant departments of the university gave strong support, which provided a strong guarantee for the teachers and students.

The competition was co-sponsored by 12 departments including the Ministry of Education in conjunction with Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Tianjin University. This year, a total of 4.21 million projects and 17.09 million persons from 5,296 colleges and universities in 151 countries and regions at home and abroad registered for the competition, among which 1,260 excellent projects stood out and entered the national final, and eventually 423 projects won the gold award.

The winning projects are as follows:

Project Name

Recommending School



An Ju Le Chuang

School of Economics

Vocational Education Track - Entrepreneurship Group

National Gold Award

You You Yi Zhi

School of Management

High Education Main Track - Undergraduate Growth Group

National Gold Medal

Mao Dashi

School of Economics

Institute ofIntelligent Manufacturing

Vocational Education Track - Creative Group

National Gold Award

Liang Cang Wei Shi

School of Artificial Intelligence

Vocational Education Track - Creative Group

National Gold Award

You Li Ke Tu

School of Food and Drug

Red Travel Track - Entrepreneurship Group

National Silver Award

Zhi Guang Hui Nong

School of Materials and Environmental Engineering

Red Travel Track - Creative Group

National Silver Award

Shi Jie Hui Kong

School of Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Track

National Bronze Award

Xiang Su U+

School of Art and Design

Red Travel Track - Entrepreneurship Group

National Bronze Award

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