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SZPU Students Won 6 National Awards in CUMCM

Date: Nov 8, 2023

Recently, the list of winners of the 2023 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling was announced. Our university won 2 national first prizes, 4 national second prizes, and 9 first prizes, 23 second prizes and 27 third prizes in the Guangdong area, reaching a new high over the past years.

The China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) is a science and technology event of large scale and high gold content co-sponsored by the Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education and the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. In recent years, there are about 40,000-50,000 teams taking part in the contest every year, covering the vast majority of colleges and universities, ranking among the top five of college competitions. This year, a total of 6,483 teams from 106 colleges and universities nationwide participated in the contest.

The contest topics are generally derived from practical problems that have been properly simplified and processed in engineering practice and management science, with greater flexibility, not requiring participants to master in-depth professional knowledge in advance, but giving importance to the students’ interest and being not afraid of difficulties, willing to study, and brave to make innovations, and some mathematical basics. In thecontest, three students form a team to choose one of the given questions they are interested in, and within the time limit of three days and three nights, reasonably work together to complete a paper including model hypothesis, establishment and solution, calculation method design and computer implementation, result analysis and testing, model improvement and other aspects. It can cultivate the students’ innovative thinking and practical ability, and also provide effective solutions and decision support for all sectors of society, which is an important way of science and technology transformation.

The Mathematics Teaching and Research Office of Industrial Center starts the training for mathematical contest in modeling in April every year, and carries out the training through the Association of Mathematical Modeling. From simple mathematical model learning, programming foundation, writing skills to independent completion of the paper, each aspect is elaborately deployed and arranged, providing students with a broad space and rich practical opportunities. This year, more than 300 SZPU students participated in the contest enthusiastically.

The list of winners is as follows:

Award Name

Winning Student



National First Prize

Wei Jieman

Huang Wanling

Yang Zikai

Liang Bing

School of Electronic and Communication Engineering

Xie Shanshan

Yu Hong

Huang Rong

Wu Chufang

School of Artificial Intelligence

National Second Prize

Zhang Yongtai

Han Lu

Chen Jiaqian

Wei Dongping

School of Artificial Intelligence

Liu Jiachun

Chen Yuling

Tao Liying

Zhong Deguang

School of Artificial Intelligence

Chen Jialin

Tan Zongming

Wu Shiliang

Liu Zhiyong

School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering

Zhang Haoping

Su Ruifeng

Zhuang Zechuang

Liang Xuezhen

School of Electronic and Communication Engineering

(Liang Xuezhen, Industrial Center)


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