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SZPT Topped the List in the “GDI Ranking of Higher Vocational Colleges” for Seven Consecutive Years

Date: Apr 21, 2023

On April 19, Guangzhou Daily Data & Digit Institute (GDI Think Tank) released the “GDI Ranking of Higher Vocational Colleges (2023)” (hereinafter referred to as “GDI Ranking”), which evaluated 1,489 domestic higher vocational colleges (excluding institutions in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Region), where SZPT won the first place again with 100 scores in the comprehensive index, topping the list for seven consecutive years.

This year represents the seventh year for Guangzhou Daily to release the list. The GDI Ranking of Higher vocational Colleges (2023) is based on six first-level indicators, including school-running conditions, talent training, scientific research, social reputation, service to society and international influence, and consists of 13 second-level indicators, including faculty strength, training results, scientific research results, technical services and training services, as well as a number of third-level indicators to construct a comprehensive index, designed to conduct scientific evaluation of 1,489 domestic higher vocational colleges, and launch the “GDI TOP1000 Higher Vocational Colleges (2023)”, “GDI TOP300 Higher Vocational Colleges (Public)”, and “GDI TOP100 Higher Vocational Colleges (Private)”. Among the 1,000 higher vocational colleges ranked on the list, there are 903 public colleges, 96 private colleges and 1 Chinese-foreign cooperative college. The list gives a specific ranking of the top 300 institutions, and a range ranking of the following 700 institutions, which aims to provide reference for relevant institutions to judge their own level range.

According to the list, SZPT ranks first with a comprehensive index of 100, followed by Jinhua Polytechnic (91.347), Guangdong Industry Polytechnic (87.195), Wuxi Institute of Technology (85.487) and Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering (85.486).

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