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Teacher from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Won the Champion of Provincial Higher Vocational Teaching Competition for Young Teachers

Date: Feb 14, 2023

Song Zhendong (fourth from right) at the award ceremony.

On February 13, the final of the 6th Higher Vocational Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Guangdong Province was held in Sanshui Campus of Guangzhou College of Technology and Business. After fierce competition in teaching skills presentation, keynote speech and field defense, Song Zhendong, a teacher from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, won the champion in the comprehensive group of science and technology by virtue of his calm mind, serious attitude, solid theoretical foundation and excellent teaching skills, and would apply for Guangdong May Day Labor Medal from the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions in accordance with the procedures.

This competition consisted of school selection, provincial preliminary competition, live final, and grand final. The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering held scientific organization, and mobilized young teachers to actively participate in the competition, and carefully read the competition documents to understand the competition rules in detail. From the beginning of the preliminary competition, the college invited experts inside and outside the campus to give guidance, repeatedly polished the competition works, and organized teachers in the training room to provide equipment support. This competition also received the high concern and attention of the Office of Academic Affairs and the great support of the Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology. At the live final and grand final stage, the Office of Academic Affairs and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering organized a strong expert guidance and technical support team to interpret the spirit of the competition, analyze the main points, practice speech skills, and guarantee the operation of equipment, ensuring the smooth connection of each aspect on the site.

It is reported that this competition was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, and organized by the Guangdong Academy of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Trade Union of Education, Science, Culture and Health. A total of 89 vocational colleges in the province recommended 1,013 contestants to participate in the provincial final. Among them, 224 teachers entered the live final, which was divided into 3 groups: public foundation, comprehensive liberal arts, and comprehensive science and technology. Each group had 5 sub-groups, totaling 15 sub-groups. The contestant who finished first in each group entered the grant final to compete for the championship of each group. This competition fully reflected young teachers’ adherence to the teaching concept “moral cultivation, student-oriented, combination of learning with working, and unity of knowing and doing” and their skilled application of modern information technology, as well as their demonstration in the aspects of teacher ethics, expertise and teaching skills; the presentation of unique teaching techniques also showed the superb teaching skills of teachers in vocational colleges, highlighting the characteristics of vocational education as a type-based education.

The success of this competition is the result from the long-term accumulation of teachers in the course construction. The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering will keep promoting the construction of “Golden Courses”, deepen the reform of “teaches, textbooks and teaching techniques”, continue to improve the expertise and teaching level of our teachers, especially those young teachers, and achieve greater results in improving the teaching quality.

(Liu Zixin, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)


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