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7,208 Students from Classes of 2020 Graduate

Date: Jul 10, 2020

Nearly 300 people attend the Graduation Ceremony of Classes of 2020, including leaders of Shenzhen Polytechnic, leaders of the secondary schools of Shenzhen Polytechnic, leaders from all functional departments, faculty representatives, schoolmate representatives, counselors of classes of 2020, and graduate representatives.

Time flies. The graduation season came again. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduation season this year was very different.

On July 10, the Graduation Ceremony of Classes of 2020 was held in the gymnasium. Nearly 300 people attended the graduation ceremony, including Yang Xinbin, President and Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Wang Hui, Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline and Inspection of the CPC Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Wen Xidong, Ma Xiaoming, and Li Yue, Vice Presidents of Shenzhen Polytechnic, and all the members of the CPC Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic, as well as leaders from the secondary schools of Shenzhen Polytechnic and all functional departments, faculty representatives, schoolmate representatives, counselors of classes of 2020, and graduate representatives. Dong Chaojun, Vice President of Shenzhen Polytechnic, presided over the graduation ceremony.

"Offline + Online" Synchronous Broadcasting, Let Graduates Have no Regrets About Graduation

The Offline Graduation Ceremony is Held in the Gymnasium of the Xilihu Campus.

To let graduates have no regrets about graduation, innovations were made based on traditional methods for this year's graduation ceremony of Shenzhen Polytechnic, and the mode of "offline + online" simultaneous broadcasting was adopted. The graduation ceremony this year was held in the gymnasium of the Xilihu Campus as before and synchronously broadcast via the "cloud" on the client-side of Enterprise WeChat. With the mode of "offline + online" synchronous broadcasting, graduates, teachers, schoolmates, students, and students' parents of Shenzhen Polytechnic in different places could "gather" in the ceremony, regardless of distances, through various ways, whether be online or offline, whether be on the campus or outside the campus. They have together witnessed the unique graduation ceremony of classes of 2020.

7,208 Students from Classes of 2020 Graduate.

The graduation ceremony started with the solemn national anthem. First, Ma Xiaoming briefed the situation of students from classes of 2020 and announced the awards list of "Outstanding Graduate". This year, a total of 7,208 students graduated from Shenzhen Polytechnic, among whom 6,663 obtained the graduation certification of the "second major". Students from the classes of 2020 had studied and practiced skills very hard. 28 of them won the National Scholarship, five won awards in international competitions, 24 won awards in national-level skill competitions, and 125 won awards in provincial-level competitions. 205 students were rated as the "Outstanding Graduate". So far, 4,935 graduates of Shenzhen Polytechnic have signed the employment contract; among the remaining ones, 35 have signed up for national grass-roots employment programs, 32 have started up businesses, 110 have gone abroad for further studies, 134 have entered their names for the army, and 1,578 have signed up for the national two-year further-study program for vocational school students (one year for studying with junior students and one year for internship) to obtain the bachelor degree.

Graduate representatives present flowers to their teachers and counselors, and to the medical staff, dormitory administrators, and representatives of security personnel of Shenzhen Polytechnic, to show their gratitude.

Lin Zhifeng, a graduate representative fromthe class of 2020 of the major of digital graphic information technology of the School of Information Engineering,Professor Li Yonghong, a teacher representative from the School of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Zhao Jianshen, a schoolmate representative, who graduated from the class of 2007 of the major of nursing ofthe School of Nursing,delivered speeches with great passion, respectively. There is an old saying goes that "People should not forget the well-diggers when they drink from this well". Graduate representatives presented flowers to their teachers and counselors, and to the medical staff, dormitory administrators, and representatives of security personnel of Shenzhen Polytechnic, to show their sincere gratitude. Also, the graduates paid the highest tribute to all the medics and the people who had been involved in pandemic prevention and control during the outbreak for their hard work, unrequited sacrifice, and earnest instructions.

Take Responsibilities of the New Era, Create a Better Future

Yang Xinbin delivers a speech titled "Take Responsibilities of the New Era, Create a Better Future".

Graduate representatives listen attentively to the last class on campus.

At the graduation ceremony, Yang Xinbin delivered a speech entitled "Take Responsibilities of the New Era, Create a Better Future". He said, in 2017, the graduates chose to spend their youthful time, the best time in life, in Shenzhen Polytechnic with passion and dreams. In the past three years, the graduates have developed in an all-round way with earnest instructions of teachers in Shenzhen Polytechnic. Shenzhen Polytechnic is very proud of the graduates for their growth and progress, their achievements in learning, their promising prospects, and their sense of responsibility. Meanwhile, President Yang encouraged the graduates to think about the responsibilities they would undertake in the future while enjoying achievements. Also, he explained to them the definitions of responsibility and sense of responsibilities with cases of outstanding schoolmates of Shenzhen Polytechnic. He stressed, graduates of Shenzhen Polytechnic should first bear the country and the world in mind; attach greater importance to character and moral cultivation in special periods; improve their ideological level and political awareness and view issues and pursue individual development in a larger context after the pandemic. Second, they should remain true to their original aspiration and repay the country with technologies. Graduates should remain true to the original aspiration of repaying the country with craftsmanship spirit and pursuit of perfection and strive to be the best craftsman of the great country. Third, they should strive for far-reaching development with down-to-earth attitudes and steadfast efforts. To this end, graduates should strive to make extraordinary contributions in ordinary posts, rather than just trudging through life; should overcome the eagerness for quick success and instant benefits; should make solid progress in day-to-day work and life. With ordinary and moving struggle experience, they can achieve an extraordinary life.

The school leader and a graduate are taking a photo.

Then Yang Xinbin presented graduation certificates to the valedictorians of 14 schools and took photos with the deans, secretaries and valedictorians. Students dressed in brand-new graduation gowns, entering the venue in turn, to shake hands with the school leaders who have contributed to their study and life. Finally, they took over the graduation certificates and professional development certificates that represent their three years of hard work and achievement, bringing a satisfactory end to their study and life in Shenzhen Polytechnic.

Students online and offline are singing the songOde to the Motherland.

At the end of the ceremony, all the graduates online and offline sang the song of "Ode to the Motherland" together, which echoed around the stadium. As the ceremony was pushed to the climax by the singing, the "cloud" graduation ceremony for graduates of the grade 2020 came to a successful end with warm wishes and messages from school leaders to graduates.

Various theme activities offer "the last lesson" to all graduates

A graduate and her teacher are taking a photo.

It is known that this year's graduation ceremony was designed to give the "final lesson" to all graduates. By emphasizing the concept of "a bright future", the secretary and principal presented graduation certificates to all graduates one by one, graduates were organized to give a chorus, and various activities with the theme of "graduation season" were carried out. It has reflected the overall cultural atmosphere of Shenzhen Polytechnic and the sense of ceremony of graduation, and enhanced the emotional status of the alma mater in the hearts of graduates.

Graduates are flying the dream with hope.

In addition to the graduation ceremony, special activities were also held in the functional departments and offices and secondary schools, creating a unique atmosphere for the graduation of the grade 2020: the Student Affairs Office organized such activities as awarding and commendation of outstanding graduates, publicity of graduates leaving school morally, and integrity education of student loans; the Youth League Committee held the cloud graduation evening party of "Voice—To the Grade 2020"; the School of Management organized the theme activity of "Ten-year Promise of Management Students"; the School of Communication undertook the message board activity with the theme of "What I Want to Say in This Graduation Season" and the graduation commemoration activity of "Our Youth"; the School of Art and Design held the painting competition with the theme of "Impression of Shenzhen Polytechnic" and the cloud show of graduates' outstanding works; the School of Business Foreign Languages undertook the activities with the theme of "Gratitude · Remembrance", "In Your Name" and "Youth Never Drops Away"; the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences organized the activity of "Strong Spirit and Will for A Bright Future"; the School of Architecture and Environment organized the live broadcast of "Network Travel in Shenzhen Polytechnic", which once again guided students to visit every unforgettable corner of the university; the School of Automobile held the "Feelings on Shenzhen Polytechnic" cloud live broadcast for expressing gratitude; the School of Humanities held the cloud live broadcast with the theme of "Go For It! Youngsters"... Besides, the last "cloud" organization meeting of student Party members and the last "cloud" class meeting in the graduation season were also carried out by secondary schools. These special activities have made an indelible mark on the school life of graduates!


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