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2024 Degree Program of Cross-Border E-commerce for International students(taught in Chinese)

Date: Apr 2, 2024

01About SZPU

Located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Polytechnic University (SZPU) is the center of a high-tech industry cluster on the banks of Xili Lake in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.There are more than 30000 full-time students and 86 majors now.SZPU has signed cooperation agreements with 39 enterprises above the designated size such as Huawei and jointly built 18 distinctive industry colleges with Fortune Global 500 enterprises or industry leaders such as Huawei and BYD. SZPU has trained more than 180,000 full-time graduates accumulatively, with the initial employment rate of graduates remaining above 97%. It ranks among the top higher vocational colleges in China in terms of various indicators for talent cultivation quality, including the employment rate of graduates in Fortune Global 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry, the innovation and entrepreneurship rate of graduates, and the starting salary level of graduates.

02 Major Introduction

To meet the demands of the Cross-Border E-commerce industry, our program aims to cultivate highly skilled professionals who possess a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in cross-border e-commerce marketing promotion, product development, operation, and customer service. Additionally, they will be familiar with relevant laws, regulations, policies, and platform rules. Our goal is to develop innovative and high-quality technical talents with a comprehensive skill set. Through close collaboration with leading local cross-border e-commerce companies, we jointly establish professional and curriculum standards. We have created a "School + Enterprise" Dual-Principal Educational Model, which provides students with abundant internship and employment opportunities. Graduates of our program will have the chance to work in various cross-border e-commerce positions, such as cross-border e-commerce operation, marketing and promotion, product development, customer service, and data analysis, within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

03 Recruitment Brochure

I. Major

Cross-Border E-commerce Major (International Class)

II. Type of Education

State-run full-time institution of higher education

III. Enrollment Category

Full-time students for a junior college degree: 3 years of education. The term begins in September every year and students who get enough credits and meet the graduation requirements will be awarded a vocational diploma.

IV. Application Qualifications

1. As an applicant, you must be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid foreign passport. You must be in good health with good moral character and must comply with Chinese laws, regulations, and rules and regulations of the school.

2. At least 18 years old (as of July 20 of the year of application, including July 20).

3. With a high school degree or above.

4. Meet the corresponding language proficiency requirements (the certificate must be within its validity period). After being recognized by SZPT, students with HSK4 or above in the Chinese proficiency test can have a credit exemption partially.

5. Comply with the provisions ofJWH [2020] No. 12 Document of the Ministry of Education.5.JWH [2020] No. 12 Document of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. "I. According to Article 5 of theNationality Law of the People's Republic of China, a person whose parents are both Chinese nationals and have both settled abroad, or one of whose parents is a Chinese national and has settled abroad, and who has acquired foreign nationality at birth shall not have Chinese nationality. Since 2021, applicants who apply to enter the undergraduate and junior college stages of China's higher education institutions as international students should not only meet the other registration qualifications of the university, but also hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for at least 4 years (included). The applicant must have lived outside China for at least 2 years within the past 4 years (before April 30 of the enrollment year) (the actual residence in a foreign country for 9 months in a year can be counted as one year, subject to the entry and exit signatures). II. The first requirement shall also be met by those who apply to enter the undergraduate and junior college stages of China's higher education institutions as international students after immigrating from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and obtaining foreign nationality."

V. Application Time

Apply for the fall semester from April 1 to July 15

VI. Application Materials

1. Page with personal information of the applicant's regular passport.

2. High school graduation certificate.The applicant with a certificate in languages other than Chinese and English must provide the original copy of a notarized document in Chinese or English version, and the notarized document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in a foreign country or a foreign embassy or consulate in China; fresh high school graduates are required to provide the original version of the expected graduation certificate from their school. If admitted, they must bring the original high school graduation certificate for verification when registering.

3. Original or notarized transcripts of all courses during high school and overseas university training stages.The applicant with transcripts in languages other than Chinese and English must provide the original copy of a notarized document in Chinese or English version, and the notarized document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in a foreign country or a foreign embassy or consulate in China.

4. Foreigner's physical examination form (within six months) or current valid visa in China.

5. Notarial Certificate of Non-criminal Record.If you have resided in China for more than six months, you can apply for a Notarial Certificate of Non-criminal Record from the local police state at your residence. If you have resided in China for less than six months, you need to apply for it from your country of nationality.The applicant with aNotarial Certificate of Non-criminal Record in languages other than Chinese and English must provide the original copy of a notarized document in Chinese or English version, and the notarized document must be provided by the Chinese embassy or consulate in a foreign country or a foreign embassy or consulate in China.

6.Payment Certificate for Entry Fee.For offline or online banking remittance, you need to submit a photo of the remittance voucher or a screenshot of the online remittance.When applying online, you need to upload all application materials. For materials without corresponding items, please upload them to the Supplementary Materials section. When registering at the beginning of the semester, please bring the relevant certificates and original supporting materials for verification (specific requirements will be included in theRegistration Noticeand sent along with the admission letter, and please pay attention at that time.) Once the materials are found to be fake, you will be canceled with admission qualification.

VII. Application Method

Step 1: Apply online

You should send all application materials via email to the designated email address. PDF or JPG documents of application materials are accepted only, and the total size of email attachments should not exceed 10 MB.

Step 2: Pay the entry fee

Entry fee: RMB 400 (once paid, the fee will not be refunded)

Payment method: bank transfer

For offline or online banking remittances, you need to pay the entry fee and upload the remittance voucher in the application email when applying online.

Account information:


Account No.: 0332100256013


Address of the Unit: Xili Lake, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.China



VIII. Fee Standard (RMB)

Tuition: RMB29,000/year

Accommodation fee: RMB7,200/year

Insurance expense: RMB 800/year

IX. Admission Procedures

Shenzhen Polytechnic University adopts a data review system for enrollment and admission, and the written examination or interview is organized by the School of International Exchange and Cooperation on its own. The school will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on the students' situation and select the best candidates for admission.

X. Admission and Registration

1. Please check your email at any time. If you are admitted, SZPT will send both electronic and paper versions of the admission letter after two weeks of admission, together with other physical admission materials successively.

2. Admittees should bring a regular passport.TheAdmission Letter of Shenzhen Polytechnic University, and theApplication Form for Foreign Students' Visa to China (JW202 Form) to the Chinese embassy or consulate in a foreign country to apply for an entry study visa. Admittees should also bring the above materials and complete the enrollment registration procedures at SZPT according to the time specified in the notice. Admittees should also go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence certificate according to relevant regulations.

3. Students who submit their expected graduation certificate when applying need to submit their formal graduation certificate when registering.

XI. Scholarship

University-level scholarship:

First-class scholarship: RMB 8,000 RMB/year (accounting for 10% of the participating class);

Second-class scholarship: 5,000 RMB/year ( accounting for20% of the the participating class).

For specific funding methods, please refer to theSZPT International Student Scholarship Evaluation Management Measures.

2. Municipal scholarship: RMB 28,000 RMB/year.SZPT will select outstanding students to participate in the selection of municipal scholarships. The specific quota is subject to the quota allocated to our university by Shenzhen Universiade Foundation for Overseas Studies in that year.

XII. Contact Information

Enrollment Management Office, the School of International Exchange and Cooperation

Address: Room 7017, Tongde Building, Liuxiandong Campus, Shenzhen Polytechnic University, No. 7098, Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Postal code: 518055

Tel.: 0755-26011478/0755-26018358

Contact: Mr.Zou,


Registration website:


No. 7098 Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Postcode:518055