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A Delegation of F+U Sachsen Public Education Group Visited SZPT

Date: May 8, 2023

The participants took a group photo

On May 8, Volkmar Meinhold, Chairman of F+U Sachsen Public Education Group, led a delegation to visit the International Office, Sino-German Center, Shenzhen Elderly Healthcare College, and School of Foreign Languages and Business, and discussed the specific matters about cooperation in the future. Kathleen Meinhold, Director of F+U Sachsen Public Education Group, and Li Hong, Head of the Group in China, accompanied the visit. SZPT Vice President Li Yue and relevant persons in charge received the visiting guests.

At the symposium, Li Yue extended a warm welcome tothe delegation led by Kathleen Meinhold, and reviewed the past cooperation achievements between SZPT and F+U Sachsen Public Education Group. Li Yue said that F+U is a good and frequent partner of SZPT and one of the closest foreign cooperative educational institutions, and expressed the hope to further deepen the strategic partnership between the two sides in the future and jointly set a new benchmark for Sino-German vocational education cooperation.

The two sides carried out warm exchanges on Sino-foreign cooperative education, dual degree programs, teacher training,talent training, academic exchanges and other specific cooperation directions, and reached an agreement on the short-term cooperation goals: first, F+U will assist SZPT to introduce high-quality vocational education resources from Germany, connect with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, and explore the possibility of a Sino-foreign cooperative education program among the three sides; second, F+U will continue to provide teacher training for the Shenzhen Elderly Healthcare College and the School of Foreign Languages and Business, and assist our teachers and students for exchanges and study in Germany; third, the two sides will gradually carry out cooperation in higher level of vocational education research.

It is reported that F+U Sachsen Public Education Group, affiliated to F+U Vocational Education Group, founded in 1991, is a non-profit vocational education institution, has set up more than 20 branches in Europe, known as one of the largest “dual system” vocational education training institutions in Germany, and also a specialized teaching institution designated by the Handwerkskammer (HWK). (Huang Qingyu, International Office)


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