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Signing & Unveiling Ceremony of SZPT – DJI UAV Featured Industry Institute

Date: Mar 17, 2023

The ceremony was held at DJI Sky City

On March 15, the Signing & Unveiling Ceremony of SZPT – DJI UAV Featured Industry Institute was held at DJI Sky City. Lu Feng, China Head of DJI Industry Application Department, Zhu Linrui, UTC Global Head, Yang Duo, Head of DJI Science and Education Industry, Yang Xinbin, SZPT Party Secretary, Xu Jianling, SZPT President, and Zhang Zuotai, SZPT Vice President, attended the event. Relevant persons in charge of the Party-Government Affairs Office, Academic Affairs Office, and School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering were present at the event.

At the unveiling ceremony, Zhu Linrui said that the two sides would jointly build an UAV featured industry institute to, based on SZPT’s reserves in the field of vocational education over the years, and DJI’s practical experience in the UAV industry and multiple application fields, carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation in technology development, high-end intelligent talent training and other aspects, and create a vocational education demonstration site combining UAV application skills, development skills and future transportation fields. The two sides will take this cooperation as an opportunity to establish a long-term and stable partnership and boost the high-quality development of UAV vocational education in China.

Xu Jianling said that SZPT and DJI have a deep friendship and a good foundation for cooperation. Relying on the featured industry institute, the two sides will jointly build a national leading UAV application technology major, a UAV application training base serving the Greater Bay Area, and a teacher training base radiating across the country; jointly develop nationally leading high-end vocational skills certificates, and introduce industry standards, technical standards and curriculum standards to the world; jointly organize and participate in national and even world-class vocational skills competitions, and make China’s voice heard on the international stage.

It is reported that the cooperation between SZPT and DJI began in 2021. The two sides signed a college-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement. By jointly building a college-enterprise cooperation center for UAV application technology, a joint research center for UAV ecology and SDK, and a "1+X" joint development center, combined with major co-construction, talent exchange, establishment of DJI scholarship, development of teaching materials, construction of practical training room, holding competitions and other measures, the two sides would carry out in-depth cooperation in technology research & development and talent training, and jointly promote the training of UAV application-oriented highly skilled talents. In 2022, the two sides jointly established a joint innovation center for advanced technology to deepen cooperation in scientific research output, talent training and benchmarking. Based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the two sides would tackle key technologies and carry out cooperation “centered on scientific and technological innovation and talent training, and focused on technology application research & development, major co-construction and resource sharing”.

(Text by Sun Longlin, School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering; Image by Xie Jiakang, Convergence Media Center)


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