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Opening Ceremony Held for the First Batch of 24 Students under the “Future Africa - China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training Program” of SZPT

Date: Mar 14, 2023

The opening ceremony was held in Conference Room 109, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus

“SZPT has cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment, high-quality teaching resources, excellent faculty team and inclusive cultural atmosphere. I will cherish such an opportunity, study hard and learn more knowledge, so that I can contribute to the construction of my motherland in the future,” Aristide Yamonche, a representative of the first batch of students from Cote d'Ivoire to study in SZPT, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

In the afternoon of March 13, the first batch of 24 students from the National Polytechnic Institute under the “Future Africa – China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training Program (Architectural Engineering)” organized by SZPT attended the opening ceremony and started their one-and-a-half year study at our college. President Xu Jianling, Vice President Li Yue, relevant persons in charge of the International Office and the School of Construction Engineering, and teacher representatives were present at the opening ceremony. This opening ceremony marks the official landing of our college’s talent training in cooperation with the architectural engineering program of the National Polytechnic Institute, which is another important step for SZPT to promote the cooperation and development of China-Africa vocational education and play Shenzhen’s leading and pioneering role in the field of global vocational education.

At the ceremony, Xu Jianling introduced the basic situation of our college, and sent a message to African students, who should act in accordance with the law to be a guardian of civilized campus and full of positive energy; study diligently and practice earnestl to become high-level technical and skilled talents in the field of construction engineering and the backbone force supporting the development of the country and society; learn from each other, strengthen cultural integration, and strive to become young envoys for the exchange and dissemination of Chinese culture.

Then, Xie Lijuan, Dean of the School of Construction Engineering, made a brief introduction to the basic situation of the school and its courses from three aspects: charm of construction engineering, professional navigation, and campus vitality, entitled “Make an Appointment with Construction Engineering · Build Dreams at SZPT”. Amari, Head of the Department of Construction Engineering, School of International Public Engineering, National Polytechnic Institute, and the student representative Aristide Yamonche gave speeches, thanking the college for its efforts in promoting the implementation of the program, and saying that they would cherish the opportunity and study hard to lay a good foundation for the arrival of the next class of students.

It is reported that the “China-Africa Applied Talents Joint Training” is a sub-program of the “China-Africa TVET Cooperation Program”, launched by the Ministry of Education to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of vocational education under the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, mainly aimed at the human resources demand of African countries at the initial stage of infrastructure construction and industrialization, focusing on construction, machinery and other fields in urgent need. It takes the form of joint oriented training by Chinese and African colleges and Chinese-funded enterprises to train African applied talents at the specialized level. After selection, Shenzhen Polytechnic and National Polytechnic Institute are included into the first batch of pilot colleges for this program to jointly train applied talents in architectural engineering. The “1.5+1.5+0.5” cooperative school-running mode is adopted, that is, students study for one stage in Cote d'Ivoire and one stage in China, and receive graduation certificates from the two colleges after their study.

(Department of Publicity, International Office)


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