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Educators, the Craftsman—Opening Ceremony of Crafts and Artworks Exhibition in Shenzhen Polytechnic

Date: Oct 26, 2021

A scene of the opening ceremony

Leaders and guests together attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Leaders and guests watch the national banquet ceramicMagnificent China designed by the art design team in Shenzhen Polytechnic.

On October 26, the opening ceremony of the Educators, the Craftsman--Crafts and Artworks Exhibition in Shenzhen Polytechnic was hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition. This exhibition was sponsored by the Crafts and Art Committee under the China Artists Association andShenzhen Polytechnic and was undertaken by the School of Art & Design and the School of Arts and Crafts in Shenzhen Polytechnic and the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition.

With a long history, Chinese crafts and art reflect not only the abundant resources, but also the Chinese nation's diligence, intelligence and unremitting self-improvement. In the early Pre-Qin Dynasty, our ancestors had concisely summarized the four necessary conditions for making charming crafts and artworks. As the saying goes, "To make fine crafts and artworks needs proper weather, land, sound materials and excellent craftsman." Literally, this tells a truth over creating something; but fundamentally, it also states the rules of conduct. Indeed, both human creation and behavior need to depend on the natural resources and true ideas to realize the purposes. Therefore, on the basis of the philosophy, the "Educators, the Craftsman--Crafts and Artworks Exhibition inShenzhen Polytechnic" hopes to display the crafts and artworks of teachers in recent years to reflect teachers' spirits and craftsmanship, showing the physical and mental beauty of Chinese crafts and artworks in a new era and presenting the charming features of college teachers in pilot socialist demonstration areas.

Poster of Educators, the Craftsman.

Chameleon, Knitting Technique, Liu Xiangqun

Series of Solar Terms, Fiber Technique, Wu Fan

Silk Region, Lacquer Painting, Liu Jun

This exhibition serves as the first significant group one held by the School of Art & Design on the theme of "Crafts and Arts". National crafts and artworks exhibitions play important roles in responding to the arrangement of the 18th and 19th Party Congresses, following Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era and the spirits emphasized in a series of important keynote speeches on literary and artistic work. They also hold the key to championing and developing the fine traditional Chinese culture and promoting the vitalization and growth of traditional Chinese crafts and artworks in a new era. As the college craft and artworks one held together with the Second National Craft and Art Exhibition during the same period, this exhibition is not only an academic summary in craft and art field for 28 years since the founding of Shenzhen Polytechnic, but also a fresh turning point for the future college running and teachers' further exploration of crafts and arts. The exhibition has brought together over 60 works with many types and diverse materials, and all of them are created by teachers and excellent alumni. From traditional folk processes such as ceramics, glass, lacquerware, printing and embroidery to modern manufacturing processes including stainless steel, electroplating and welding, all of these reflect the in-depth thinking of the college on the production, learning, development and use of vocational technologies under the spirit of "consummate craftsmen" in recent years.

It's reported that the exhibition will be closed on November 26.

(Text by Yu Yan, School of Art & Design Photo by Jian Jiayu, Publicity Department)


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