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SZPU International Students Achieve Success in the Ministry of Education Language Cooperation Center's "Tourism + Chinese" Video Contest

Date: Mar 15, 2024

Recently, the "Exploring the Globe - I'm a Tourism Star Ambassador" second "Tourism + Chinese" video contest, organized by the Ministry of Education's Center for Language Education and Cooperation, announced its winners. Among them, SZPU's students stood out: Rafael from Venezuela, with his short video "Foreigners and Chinese Cuisine," and Esh from Azerbaijan, with his short video "Visiting the Character in Culture Museum," both won the "Excellent Video Production Award." In addition, numerous other international students from SZPU were honored with the "Best Participation Award" for their short video submissions. Instructors Kang Jie and Wang Jun received the "Excellent Guidance Teacher Award," and SZPU was recognized with the "Excellent Activity Participation Unit Award."

In this competition, international students at SZPU leveraged their academic studies and roles as "Tourism Star Ambassadors" to fluently introduce aspects of Chinese culture. Rafael, in his video, expressed, "I genuinely adore Chinese cuisine. Having the opportunity to travel across China, I've savored dishes from both the south and the north, finding them all incredibly delightful. I've come to know many exceptionally delicious Chinese dishes. Currently, my top five favorites are grilled pork neck, squirrel-shaped mandarin fish, salted fish and eggplant casserole, taro with pork, and salt-baked chicken. I recommend these to you, hoping everyone will enjoy them as much as I do!"

Esh's video provided a virtual tour to Shenzhen's "Character in Culture Museum," showcasing the experience of movable type printing and the allure of Chinese characters.

These video entries reflect the international students' profound affection and respect for Chinese culture, as they share the richness of China's traditional culture with a global audience through their short videos. The second "Tourism + Chinese" video contest attracted nearly 300 entries from around 60 countries, with 62 works being awarded individual prizes. (International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Wang Jun)


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