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The 2023 Annual Meeting of National Technical Application Service Alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges Held successfully at SZPU

Date: Dec 5, 2023

On November 29 - December 1, the 2023 Annual Meeting of National Technical Application Service Alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges & the Applied Technology Collaborative Innovation Alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges in the Yangtze River Delta (the “Alliance 2023 Annual Meeting”) was held at SZPU. With the theme of “Innovative Development and Implementation Path of Industry-Education Integrationand Science-Education Integration in Vocational Colleges in the New Era”, the annual meeting brought together more than 100 leaders and representatives from higher vocational colleges across the country to discuss the technical application innovation and development of higher vocational colleges.

In the morning of November 30, the opening ceremony of the Alliance 2023 Annual Meeting was held in Tongde Building. SZPU President Xu Jianling introduced our work in respect of industry-education integrationand science-education integration, and looked forward to work together with other brother colleges and universities to jointly promote the high-quality development of modern vocational education. Zhong Zirong, Director of Division of Career and Lifelong Education of Shenzhen Education Bureau, introduced the work and achievements of Shenzhen in respect of industry-education integrationand science-education integration in recent years, and affirmed the important contribution made by the Alliance in promoting the development of regional education. Fang Yiquan, President of Wenzhou Polytechnic, a president member of the Appliance, thanked all colleges and universities for their support and attention to the Alliance for so long. In the future, the Alliance will continue to gather all forces and create more opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win results. The meeting was chaired by SZPU Vice President Zhang Zuotai.

In the expert report session, Zhou Hongming, Executive Vice President of the Alliance & Vice President of Wenzhou Polytechnic, led the agenda and made the 2023 annual work report of the Alliance to the participants; Xing Hui, Director of Academic Committee of National Academy of Education Administration & Director of Vocational Education Research Center, made a keynote report entitled “Promoting the industry-education integrationand science-education integration with new approaches and new policies for vocational education in the context of building a great power through education”; Mr. Gao Hong, Executive Vice President of Liaoning Association for Vocational and Technical Education, made an expert report entitled “Deepening the action plan for the construction of a modern vocational education system”.

In the guest sharing session, seven invited guests made wonderful sharing on the theme of the conference. Among them, Zhang Yanping, Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic, introduced in detail the practical experience and achievements of Jinhua Polytechnic, entitled “Based on the integration of industry, science and education, make scientific and technological innovation to boost the high-quality development of regional economy”; Xin Xiulan, Vice President of Beijing Polytechnic, conducted an in-depth analysis on the implementation and effectiveness of the integration of industry and education in the specific environment, entitled “The practical exploration of the integration of industry and education in higher vocational colleges in the economic and technological development zone”. Then Wu Huiyuan, Vice President of Wuxi Institute of Technology, Yang Linguo, Vice President of Anhui Vocational and Technical College, Yang Ailing, Vice President of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Li Zhengguo, Dean of Carbon Neutral Research Institute of Shenzhen Polytechnic, and Xiao Hong, General Manager of Research Evaluation Division of CNKI, made speeches entitled “Deepening the industry-education integrationand science-education integration to empower the high-quality development of vocational education”, “Exploration of synergizing industry, education, science and innovation to improve the quality of talent training”, “Theoretical thinking and innovative practice of the construction of a 4+1+X higher vocational research platform system”, “Exploration and research on the cultivation of dual-carbon technical talents under the background of undergraduate vocational education”, and “Research big data management and achievement evaluation service of higher vocational colleges in the era of AIGC”, respectively, and won the recognition and applause of the audience.

The guests were visiting BYD Global Headquarters

On December 1, the guests were organized to visit BYD Global Headquarters (Pingshan, Shenzhen). Through the field visit, the guests learned about the latest progress of BYD in the fields of new energy vehicle technology and intelligent manufacturing, deeply felt the importance of the enterprise to technological innovation and talent training, and also enhanced the confidence of in-depth cooperation between vocational colleges and enterprises.

The annual conference has built a platform for vocational colleges to learn from each other and promoted their exchanges and cooperation. As the vice president member of the National Technical Application Service Alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges, SZPU will continue to deepen the reform of the industry-education integrationand science-education integration in the future, and contribute to the training of more high-quality technical talents and the promotion of high-quality development of national modern vocational education.

(Fan Yujun, Yuan Hui, Office of Scientific Research)


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