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Students from School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering Won the First Prize in Educational Drone Event, China

Date: Oct 26, 2023

On October 22-24, the 7th Educational Drone Event-Vocational Skills, China & The 1st National Drone Vocational Skills Competition was held in Shenzhen, where a total of 1000 students of 105 teams from 56 colleges and universities across the country competed on the same stage. In the end, our students Deng Yantang and Shen Xiaoyan from Grade 2022 in the major of drone application technology at the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering won the first prize of the higher vocational group in the competition.

The competition consisted of three segments, including the drone theory segment, the drone assembly and debugging segment, and the drone aerial shooting and post-production segment. The settings were closely based on the technical skills required for drone posts, and designed to comprehensively assess the players by three modules: drone theory, drone assembly and debugging, and drone aerial shooting application. Meanwhile, the professional quality and safe flight evaluation ran through the entire competition process.

The major of drone application technology organized 22 students from Grade 2022 to participate in the competition, and finally won 1 national first prize, 2 national second prizes and 6 national third prizes, as well as the best instructor and the best organization awards. Participating in the competition is an overall test of education and teaching results, and can also promote the connotation construction of the major through the integration of competition and teaching, striving to cultivate high-quality technical talents for the drone industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

(Chen Youyi, School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering)


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