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School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering Won the First Prize in the Rail Transit Signal Segment of the Provincial Competition

Date: Apr 17, 2023

On April 15, the Rail Transit Signal Control System Design and Application Segment of 2022-2023 Guangdong Vocational College Students Professional Skills Competition was successfully held in Guangdong Communication Polytechnic. 29 teams from all over the province participated in a high-level skills competition. Two teams from the urban rail major of the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering both won the first prize of Guangdong Province with their excellent performances.

The urban rail major takes improving connotation construction as the core, curriculum construction as the focus, improving talent training quality as the purpose, and discipline-based competition as the starting point, and by “promoting teaching through competition, promoting learning through competition, promoting reform through competition, and promoting construction through competition”, fully deepens the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, makes directional efforts, and has established a set of relatively perfect training, practice and competition system: first, the teacher echelon construction, i.e. with high-level teachers instructing young teachers, a teacher team of rich experience, high-level technology and advanced concept has been formed to provide good teaching services for students and also provide strong guidance and support for competition teams; second, societies incubating skilled elites, i.e. with student societies as the core, interest as the driving force, independent thinking and innovation as the requirement, several skills competition teams in signal, vehicle, driver and operation directions have been incubated over the past few years, truly implementing the “student-centered, production-oriented” OBE talent training concept to stimulate the initiative of students; third, teaching transformation of competition resources, i.e.activelytaking advantage of competition resources, transforming advanced technology and practical experiencefrom competition into teaching resources, decomposing competition skills, restructing teaching tasks,continuously exploring and innovating talentcultivation modes, and providing students withhigher quality teaching services.

(Han Junlong, School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering)


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