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Shenzhen Polytechnic Students Achieve Good Results in the 2021 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Date: Dec 20, 2021

Recently, the results of the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling in 2021 were revealed. A total of 14 mathematical modeling teams of 19 guided by the Mathematics Teaching and Research Office of the Industrial Center of Shenzhen Polytechnic achieved excellent results, winning one national first prize, two second prizes, and 14 provincial prizes. The participating paper supervised by Mr. Liang Bing was rated as excellent papers and occupied a place in the six excellent papers awarded by the specialty team.

Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling was founded in 1992 and held once a year. It is one of the 19 competitions first listed in the "Top 19 College Discipline Competitions". In 2021, 49,529 teams (45,075 undergraduate teams and 4,454 junior college teams), or more than 140,000 people from 1,566 universities/campuses in China, the United States, Malaysia, and other countries, signed up for the competition.

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