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Great news! Our school has won five national teaching achievement awards and achieved zero breakthrough in Guangdong special prize!

Date: Jan 3, 2019

Recently, the list of 2018 national teaching achievement awards has been announced. In 2018, our school made brilliant achievement in the selection of national teaching achievement awards, winning 1 special prize, 1 first prize and 3 second prizes. The total number of awards ranked first among similar colleges and universities in the province and country, and achieved a breakthrough of zero in special prizes in Guangdong Province. Among them, Professor Ma Xiaoming presided over and completed the project of Shenzhen Polytechnic - development and practice of the mode of "course certificate co growth" for training information and communication technology skilled talents in Huawei, which won the special prize of 2018 national teaching achievement award.

On January 3, our school held a press conference on the awards of 2018 national teaching achievement awards.


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