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Shenzhen Polytechnic Has Ranked First in Competitiveness of Vocational Colleges in China for Six Consecutive Years

Date: Mar 19, 2021

In March 2021, "Golden Apple Ranking" released the list of “Top 800 Vocational Colleges in Competitiveness in China (2021), evaluating 1,488 domestic vocational colleges. It is the sixth consecutive year that Shenzhen Polytechnic has topped the list.

"Golden Apple Ranking" (also known as the Ranking of Science & Education Evaluation In China) was jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation (CASEE), Zhejiang Academy of Higher Education (ZAHE) and Development Strategy and Evaluation Research Center for Strong Province of Higher Education at Hangzhou Dianzi University, the Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation of Wuhan University, and the Network of Science & Education Evaluation in China ( This is the 10th year that Golden Apple Ranking has launched the list of vocational colleges in competitiveness in China. The ranking of vocational universities has been launched for the first time. The evaluation results of vocational college majors will also be released. A total of 899 lists are released in terms of colleges, regions, types, majors and other aspects.

In order to eradicate “Five Only” stubborn disease, the evaluation index system for the Ranking of Vocational Colleges has been optimized. The system is composed of four first-level indicators, 32 second-level indicators and more than 100 observation points, adding indicators or data observation points, such as the talent training quality, integration of industries and education, innovation and entrepreneurship, 1+X pilot certification scheme, undergraduate education pilot, and quality of papers. Thus the strength and level of 1,488 vocational colleges can be evaluated comprehensively, systematically, impartially and objectively.

According to the evaluation report, Shenzhen Polytechnic tops the list, which is the sixth year that Shenzhen Polytechnic has won first place in the Competitiveness Ranking of Vocational Colleges in China since 2016. Jinhua Polytechnic and Zibo Vocational Institute ranked second and third, respectively.


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