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Let’s Realize Our Ambition in the Year of Rabbit

SZPT held the 2023 spring greeting activity for students staying at campus during winter vacation

Date: Jan 20, 2023

SZPT 2023 Spring Festival Celebration Party was held at Jinyuan Third Canteen of Liuxiandong Campus

The tiger roars among mountains farewell to the old year, while the rabbit is running on the land to celebrate the New Year. On January 21, the Lunar New Year’s Eve, when every family celebrates reunion and welcomes the New Year, Jinyuan Third Canteen of Liuxiandong Campus hung red lanterns and pasted New Spring couplets, full of New Year atmosphere. Deputy Party Secretary & President Xu Jianling, Vice President Li Xiaoyuan, and heads of relevant functions and offices, as well as Party secretaries, counselors and life teachers of secondary schools, gathered together with local students from outside the province and city to participate in the SZPT 2023 “Let’s Realize Our Ambition in the Year of Rabbit” activity for students staying at campus during winter vacation and jointly welcome the arrival of the Year of Rabbit.

The college leaders and students were making dumplings together

At 11:00 am, the SZPT 2023 “Let’s Realize Our Ambition in the Year of Rabbit” activity officially started. This year, more than 20 students participated in the New Year’s Eve activity, together with more than 10 counselors of secondary schools and more than 10 life teachers on duty in the apartment office. The college prepared a nice reunion dinner for students, and college leaders and students gathered together to make dumplings, guess lantern riddles, and write Spring Festival couplets. The great atmosphere and thoughtful arrangements made students feel “at home”. All students and teachers staying at campus fully experienced the warmth of home.

Yusu Fujiang, a student from the School of Economics, spoke on behalf of the students staying at campus. He said that on the occasion of the Spring Festival, college leaders and teachers gave up the chance to get together with their families but accompanied the students to have New Year’s Eve dinner and make dumplings together. Although more than four thousand kilometers away from home, he also felt the atmosphere of the festival and the general warmth at home. He hoped that the students could take a grateful heart, and study hard to be an excellent SZPT student, so that SZPT would be proud of us tomorrow!

Xu Jianling was delivering a New Year message

Xu Jianling delivered a New Year message. On behalf of the Party Committee and the administration of the college, he first extended his best wishes and sincere greetings to all the teachers and students staying at campus during the Spring Festival. Looking back on the year 2022, it was an extraordinary year. In the shadow and uncertainty of COVID-19, we maintained our development focus, and kept firmly committed to the “dual high” and “world-class” goal. Everyone stepped forward to promote the high-quality and connotative development of the college, and made new achievements and breakthroughs in various aspects of work. In the New Year, SZPT will continuously strive to drive the first “vanguard boat” for the innovation and development of China’s vocational education to move forward steadily, jointly open a new chapter for the high-quality development of the college, and present a gift to the 30th anniversary of the founding of the college with tangible achievements.

The students staying at campus successively put on wonderful artistic performances, including songs with youthful vitality, recitations with emotions, and Xinjiang dances with ethnic characteristics, followed by the activities of writing couplets and guessing lantern riddles with traditional cultural connotations.

The college leaders were distributing New Year offerings and holiday gift packages to teachers and students

Later, the college leaders gave out New Year offerings and holiday gift packages to the students and staff present. Teachers and students wore auspicious red scarves and took a group photo. The college leaders and the teachers and students present jointly participated in guessing riddles, making dumplings, writing Spring Festival couplets and other activities. The “Rabbit” gift customized by the college, meaning bright future and great advances, as a small gift on the part of guessing riddles, was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students.

The college leaders visited the campus guards and dormitory administrators who stayed on duty

Before the reunion dinner, the college leaders also visited the campus guards and dormitory administrators, and extended New Year greetings and sincere thanks for performing their duties and sticking to their posts, making contributions to the normal operation and the campus stability and security of the college during winter vacation.

(Text by Lu Ting, School of Medical Technology and Nursing; Image by Zhang Lei, Department of Publicity)


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